supreme court and the constitution in today's america 

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The U.S. Constitution is the sometimes misunderstood “operating system” of the world’s longest-enduring republic. 

This course will preview and review the U.S. Supreme Court’s major decisions in its current term/

The class is presented live and recorded for the convenience of l OLLI members.  In addition, key documents referenced in each class are provided as links in class notes (see below). 

Instructor: Mike Stover


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This course will preview and review the U.S. Supreme Court’s major decisions in its current term, including abortion, gunowner rights/restrictions, “administrative state” restrictions, affirmative action and voting rights and limitations. 

Class Notes september 19

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Supreme Court

The Cases

Class Notes July 11

The Cases



Class Notes feb. 16

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Class Notes: July 5

Articles are added before and immediately after each class.

Overview of 2022 Supreme Court decisions

Abortion/reproductive rights

Aid to religious schools

Gun owner rights



2021 Notes 

Class Notes: april 6

Class Notes: March 2

Religious Liberty

Supreme Court Cases

Eviction Moratorium

Class Notes: February 2

Reference Documents

Free "Stuff"

Sources for class discussion





Class #7 notes: Suffrage and Prohibition Amendments;      Supreme Court 2019 term review and 2020 preview

Class #6 Notes: Reconstruction Constitutional Amendments, Civil Rights Enforcement, Birthright Citizenship

Constitution in the News

14th Amendment

Class #5 Notes: Bill of Rights

Constitution in the News

Amending the Constitution

Bill of Rights

Notes from June 4th class: The Judicial Branch

April 9 class: Article I, II, Electoral College highlights/background.   Plus: Constitutional Scholar Tom Campbell Interview

Background articles

Electoral College

March 5 class:  CSUF Professor George Dery

CSUF Professor George Dery joined  us to talk about Constitutional protections affecting our personal electronics.