GRPM Old Streets Adventure


Create a place based augmented reality driven game that:

  • Tells the story of old Grand Rapids in a way that incorporates animation, video, sound and gameplay.
  • Accommodates a variety of mobile devices (phone, small tablet, large tablet).
  • Provides a game experience that accommodates 1-30 persons.
  • Is packaged as part of a GRPM and/or K-12 lesson.
  • Can be packaged as a school field trip and/or integrated into existing GRPM educational programming, such as the 3rd - 6th grade Summer Immerse program.
  • Provides a non-game experience that is informational.
  • Provides a single experience that a sight impaired, hearing impaired, physically impaired and neurodiverse audience of all ages can experience together.
  • Provides user-testing that can be be reported at educational game conferences.

Interaction Design Project Benchmarks

Past EPIC + KCAD projects: