My name is Aïcha Bahij - I'm an artist based in Bradford, UK. If you would like to collaborate on a groovy project or commission a piece, get in touch :


"For art that interrogates the soul and, quietly, unassumingly takes its place inside your heart. Where it reassures the barely formed, the deeply rooted and the transient feelings you're scared to voice - that 'hey, you are not alone'. "

Samayya Afzal

"Loud round of applause to the amazing Aïcha

who can read and draw souls"

Iris Ordean

"Aïcha's work is such a human experience.

the spirituality, the struggles.

Sometimes strength, sometimes weakness.

Sometimes bliss, sometimes loneliness."

H. A. Khan

"Art that always subtly provokes a personal memory"

Sam Butterworth