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Engage & Inspire: Augmented Reality in the Classroom

October 8, 2019 ♦ 7:00pm - 8:30pm ET

Session Description: Are you wondering about Augmented Reality (AR)? You may have already used it and not even been aware. This session will explain both place-based and marker-based AR as it is used in our daily lives. We will then look at what this could mean in our classrooms through interacting with markers and using mobile devices. Come learn about tools and apps that can create engaging experiences for your students. This session is appropriate for teachers at all technology levels.

As a result of this session teachers will:

  1. Understand what Augmented Reality (AR) is and the difference between place-based and marker-based AR;
  2. Explore a tool to create Augmented Reality experiences in the classroom; and
  3. Plan for the instructional use of Augmented Reality.

Applicable ISTE Standards for Educators (2017)*: 1A; 1B; 5B; 5C; 6D

* The text of these standards is copyrighted. Please read the full text at the ISTE Standards page.

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