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Communicating with Voters Across Lines of Difference - SWIM Training Indivisible National

  • Wednesday, April 6th 3 PM. Are you planning to talk to voters at their doors or on the phone this election cycle? If so, congrats! It's really important work, and it makes an impact. As you're gearing up for those conversations, we invite you to join a training about best practices for communicating across lines of difference -in other words, talking respectfully and effectively with voters whether or not you live in their communities, share their identities, or know what influences their voting choices. This training will be practical and approachable while directly addressing key equity and inclusion skills. Hosted by and focused on Michigan Indivisible work. Meeting registration and more information is available through this link.

The Turbulent History of American Monuments Erin L. Thompson with Sarah Mirk Town Hall Seattle

  • Thursday, April 7th 7:30PM, in person and online: In the United States, the issue of what to do with public monuments has been very polarizing. Why do we care so much about these statues? In her book Smashing Statues: The Rise and Fall of America’s Public Monuments, professor of art crime Erin L. Thompson looks at the turbulent history of American monuments and its abundant ironies — including the enslaved man who helped make the Statue of Freedom that tops the United States Capitol. Monuments have come to mean many things to different people, and the battles over them are a tangle of aesthetic, legal, political, and social issues. Click here to go to the event page.

Phone Banking for Political Campaigns: National Democratic Training Committee

  • Join the National Democratic Training Committee on Tuesday, April 19th 2022 from 1-2 pm ET for a free virtual live training on “Phone Banking for Political Campaigns.” Whether you’re running for office, working on a campaign, or building your local party’s or organization’s infrastructure, you need to connect with your voters. We’re here to help! How can you do this when you can’t meet in person? Register Here

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Training focus: Get Started Canvassing

This is a great introduction to door-knocking. It does require a free National Democratic Training Center Login

Example of a Canvassing Script

Canvassing Fundementals

Canvassing in Action

Get Started With Political Organizing

Get Informed with Local Progressive Podcasts

Common Purpose Podcast

Common Purpose has a podcast! Click this link to listen at home: With Common Purpose, or copy this web address into the podcast player of your choice: https://feed.podbean.com/withcp/feed.xml

Washington Indivisible Podcast

Local updates and interviews with an Indivisible focus.

Indivisible National Training Calendar

Organizing and Resistance Allies

Organizing 101, Phone banking & Canvassing, Team Building, Messaging.

How to Organize, Leadership, Building Teams, Fundraising, Using Google Sheets, and Persuasive Communications. Create an account then go to "Virtual Trainings".

We are re-establishing and re-politicising the culture of activist education and training, encouraging transformative union and community organising for a more democratic, more equal and more sustainable world