grade 6

Teacher: Nurhusen Sultan

Started: Sept 03, 2019

Alsalamu Alekum WarahmatuAllah Wabarakatu,

I am pleased to be the homeroom teacher for Grade 6 students for the academic year of 2019-2020. Although I am teaching these students for the first time at the Ottawa Islamic school, my immediate goal is to get to know the students personally and to identify individual student's academic strengths and weaknesses and to plan my lessons to advance the class in the most effective teaching strategy. I believe that each student has unique sets of learning skills and ability and my goal is to effectively motivate students to utilize their strengths to achieve higher and to develop new sets of skills where they show weaknesses. As a class, I will focus on organizing the class in small groups in a way that benefits each student and help students develop the skills of group work and individual responsibilities within a group, InshaAllah. I believe that parents' active involvement in the day to day school academic and behavioural performance of their children is critical in assisting students to achieve their full potential. Therefore, I am looking forward to establishing regular communication through daily agenda and occasional in person meetings to work together to help students achieve the best results possible.

you can also reach me by email at

You can regularly check this website for updates on Homework, Quizzes, Tests, Projects and assessments and their due dates that students may have until the end of the year.

Parents are encouraged to make sure students record this information on their agendas on a daily basis for easier access.

I can be reached by email at or by making appointment at the main office.


Language Arts

Nelson Literacy 6c

Nelson Literacy 6b

Nelson Literacy 6a

Social Studies

Nelson Social Studies

Canadian Communities Past and Present

Explore the experiences and perspectives of diverse communities in historical and contemporary Canada and examine how they have contributed to the development of identities in Canada. In addition to developing their understanding of different communities in Canada, students will explore the global community and Canada’s role in it. They will investigate current social, political, economic, and environmental issue.

Nelson Social Studies

Canada and the Global Community

Illustrate the importance of international cooperation in addressing global issues, and evaluate the effectiveness of selected actions by Canada and Canadian citizens in the international arena.


Following grade curriculum the class will be covering the followings aspects

  1. Number Sense and Numeration
  2. Measurement
  3. Geometry and Spatial Sense
  4. Patterning and Algebra
  5. Data Management and Probability

By the end of the year students should be able to have the basics to help deepen their mathematical understanding in the followings:-

• Develop and apply reasoning skills

• Demonstrate that they are reflecting on and monitoring their thinking to help clarify their understanding as they complete an investigation or solve a problem

• Investigate mathematical ideas and to solve problems

• Make connections among mathematical concepts and procedures, and relate mathematical ideas to situations

• Create a variety of representations of mathematical ideas

• Communicate mathematical thinking orally, visually, and in writing, using everyday language, a basic mathematical vocabulary, and a variety of representations, and observing basic mathematical conventions


Out of This World

The Sky's the Limit

Turn It On!

Variety of Life