2020 Registration

Ohio North State Referee Committee has moved into the US Soccer's Digital Learning Center. Re-certification for 2020 will still consist of online requirements and an in person classroom session.

New Referees

If you are interested in becoming a referee in Northern Ohio go to "Become a Referee" to get started.

Current Grade 8 or Grade 7 (7A) referees

US Soccer has restructured referee licenses. All former Grade 9, 8, and 7 referees (including those formerly designated 7A within OHN) will be licensed as a Grassroots Referee. As of August 2019, those details and the processes for re-certification are being completed. There will be online requirements and an in person session. Some changes are bring required by US Federal Law. We are already aware of certain requirements. Please check back here for updates to requirements as we move through the fall. Certification for 2020 will include:

  • Registration and completion of the Grassroots Referee course within US Soccer's Digital Learning Center.
  • All referees will be required to have a current background check on file through NICS. This will be a change from the previous provider used by Ohio North within GameOfficials.
  • All referees will be required to have a current certificate from US SafeSport. By September, we will have specific directions posted here so that certificate may be uploaded directly and the fee for completing the certificate will be free to our referees.
  • For 2020, the State Referee Committee, is considering options for the traditional "in-person" session. There are again a significant number of change to the Laws of the Game for 2020 and we want to make sure that all referees are presented with current interpretations for the LOTG. We believe it's crucial for referees to be able to ask questions of instructors and have answers for those questions.

New assignors

New assignors will need to complete an online course as well as attend a course in person. The course is held once per year in conjunction with the OYSAN Workshop. Persons that are appointed to assignors and need to start assigning prior to the course may get a one time waiver from the State Referee Administrator. Send and e-mail to SRA@ohnrefs.org and list the league for which you will be assigning. You will then be able to take the online portion of the course but will not be renewed for the following year unless you attend the in-class session. For persons that already have an account as a referee, assessor, or instructor you should log into your account. Choose courses on the left, then assignor courses then choose the assignor novice class. You will then see a pink box that says you must be an assignor to register for this course. At the bottom of the box you will see "click here to create a new assignor account." By clicking on that you will create a new account and once that is created you may then register for this course and take the online portion.

USSF and OHN SRC Fees for 2019

The following registration fees are set by the United States Soccer Federation and the Ohio North State Referee Committee. Local clinic fees of up to $25.00 may be added for new referee clinics. These fees usually cover instructor fees, rental fees, etc and are not paid to the State Referee Committww

Category/Type Fee*

New Referee - Grade 8 $75

Referee - Grade 8 (Youth referee) $65

Referee - Grade 7 (Adult referee) $65

Referee - Grade 7A (Advanced Adult referee) $85

Referee - Grade 6 (State referee) $210

Referee - Grade 15/16 State Emeritus referee) $90

Referee - Indoor/Futsal - Grade 8 $65

Instructor - Grade 5/6 $75

Instructor - Grade 7 $45

Assessor - Grade 5 $75

Assessor - Grade 7 $45

Assignor - Grade 8 $30

*Please note registration fees paid cannot be refunded