Ohio North State Referee Committee contracts with to provide referee registration, clinic registration, online training and testing.

All new and current referees must first complete the online material and pass an online exam. Upon completion you receive the grade/age access code to sign up for an in-person clinic.

New Referees

If you are interested in becoming a referee in Northern Ohio go to "Become a Referee" to get started.

Current grade 8 referees

Although these registration instructions are the same for all grades, persons 18 or older will be registered as grade 7 referees. Grade 8 will be for persons under 18 doing youth games. There will be separate online re-certification classes for each grade. Persons 18 or older should read the instructions for grade 7 referee below. Current grade 8 referees that either turned 18 in the last year or were over 18 when they became new referees within the last year MUST take the Adult Referee Upgrade online class. This class is also available to grade 8 referees, regardless of age, that wish to officiate adult games. All other grade 8 referee that were under 18 as of August 31 are eligible to take the grade 8 online course. All grade 8 and grade 7 referees will attend the same in person class regardless of age.

Current referees will need their USSF login and password to access the system.

Login to .

You will next be shown the information for you that is already in the system. Check to make sure all information is correct, particularly the e-mail address. Once everything is correct you may hit the save button at the bottom of the screen.

The next screen will show your registration history with USSoccer. For most individuals you will only see your referee registration. If you are also an assessor, assignor, instructor or indoor referee then you will have to click on CHANGE IDENTITY on the left to ensure that you are in the right area to register as a referee. If CURRENT is not next to the box that shows your OFFICIAL registration in group 1149 then you must click on SWITCH next to official in group 1149. Click Courses on the main menu on the left side to view REFEREE COURSES." (If it does not say Referee Courses then you must switch your identity to official as described above.) Click on the appropriate online course for either grade 8 (under 18) or grade 7 (18 and older.)

You will now be shown the USSF Registration page. Complete all information that is required. Be sure to read the Information Certification and click the appropriate box as whether or not you have ever been convicted of a felony, crime of violence, any crime against an individual or fraud. You must now complete all sections of the Electronic Signature and click SAVE.

Once you have completed the registration for the class, you will see a grey button that states “LAUNCH SESSION TRACKER.” This will take you to the online portion of the instruction and to the exam. You may take as long as you want for the first modules but you will only have three hours to complete this exam so be sure that you have the time available.

Registration consists of online material plus 2 hours attendence at an in-person recert clinic. The re-certification test will only be given online. You will not be able to take the test in person. The online modules are not timed but there is a quiz at the end of each module that you must successfully complete to get credit for the module. Your score will be given at the end of each module and indicate if you have passed. You will need to get 100% on all of these modules but can take them as many times as you wish. You may leave any of these modules and then pick up where you left off when you log in the next time. You will also be able to review the module to see the questions you missed so you may learn from that process. Each module must be completed prior to starting the next.

The re-certification exam is also online and may only be taken after completing the other modules have been completed. There is a three hour time limit from the time you first launch the module for the exam. The clock continues to run even if you must leave the session and return! Please make sure that you will have sufficient time available to take this test in one sitting! You must score a 90% on the referee exam to be considered as registered and receive your badge at the clinic. If you fail to achieve it the first time, you will be permitted to take it as many times as necessary to achieve a passing score.

TEST RESULTS – You will be given the results of your test at the end of the session. A 90% or higher is needed to pass the test. We strongly suggest that you review the law book again prior to taking the test a second time. The Advice to Referees is a publication found on the forms and publication and also has a lot of information that is helpful for passing the test. Remember that you are welcome to use the Law Book or other material to look up the answers either as you are taking the test or reviewing the questions after completing the test. You may review the questsions from the test at any time but the correct answers are not shown. Simply click on the exam module and select REVIEW TEST instead of starting a new session! Please note that the questions are in a random order so the questions will not be in the same order when you take the test a second time. REVIEW THE TEST AND LOOK UP ANY ANSWERS YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE THE TEST A SUBSEQUENT TIME.

Please note: YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ONLINE PORTION AND PASS THE EXAM TO RECEIVE THE GRADE/AGE ACCESS CODE TO SIGN UP FOR AN IN-PERSON CLASS! YOU RECEIVE THE IN PERSON ACCESS CODE IN THE LAST MODULE THAT FOLLOWS THE EXAM MODULE! You will be asked to leave the in-person class if you have not completed the online portion. The grade/age override code is in the module following the exam.

The next module will contain the grade/age override code needed for the in-person class so make a note of it. To sign up for the in-person class, first, go to the Upcoming Referee Clinics page on the left and decide which clinic you would like to attend. It is extremely important that you only choose a clinic that you will be able to attend. If for some reason you cannot attend the clinic then cancel that registration and register for another clinic following the instructions below.

Click on Courses on the menu on the left hand side. You will be directed to a screen that shows the various types of courses that are available for each discipline. Click on REFEREE COURSES. you should choose GRADE 7/8 RE-CERT IN PERSON CLASS. You will now see all of the clinics that you may choose. This will include the clinic dates, distance to the clinic from your home address and how many have registered for the clinic and the maximum number allowed. You may not choose a clinic that has already been filled. (NOTE: At times additional persons may be permitted to attend a clinic due to special circumstances. Please contact your District Director of Instruction or the clinic contact person if you have unusual circumstances.) You may click on any course number to get more information on the clinic. Use your browsers back button to return to the previous menu if you want to look at different courses. Once you have chosen which clinic you want to attend and clicked on the appropriate course number then you may click on REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE.

Current grade 7 Referees

USSoccer has modified their definition of grade 7 referees. Grade 7 will now be used to designate persons that are ELIGIBLE to officiate adult games even if they do not actually officiate any. Referees 18 or older must attend either a grade 7 re-certification online class or an adult referee upgrade online class and will be registered as a grade 7. The registrattion process will be the same as for a grade 8 referee above except you MUST complete a grade 7 online class and will not be given credit for a grade 8 online re-cert class. Persons under 18 are permitted to take the grade 7 course and will be registered as a grade 7 upon completion.

If your birthdate is on or before August 31, 1997 you will be required to complete a Risk Management application. This is a real time application process and you may get your approval instantly. If you do get an approval, proceed to the next step. If you are marked pending, you will not be permitted to register for a class at this time. It may take 2-3 days for your approval so you will have to check back to see when it is approved. What are the reasons for pending? These could include many that will not disqualify you as a referee. You may just not be in the system, may have a different address in the RM system than you listed on your application, you may have a minor traffic ticket, etc. All of these reasons require the Risk Management Administrator to look at the reason for the pending and then approve the RM or request more information. Once you are approved you may proceed to the next step.

All other registration procedures are the same as those listed for grade 8 referee in the previous section.


Currently registered assignors - Your registration procedure will follow the same steps as above. However, you must be logged in as an assignor to register for the course. To do this after you log onto, go to CHANGE IDENTITY on the left menu. You must then click on SWITCH next to the assignor. Now you can proceed as outlined in current referees above. Current assignors will also need to completer an online course. Once you have chosen the online clinic, you will then be able to LOAD SESSION WINDOW which will take you to the online course. You must view all slides and answer all questions to be certified. Once you finish the last slide it will bring you back to the course window. You are now done and may then log-out.

New assignors - New assignors will need to complete an online course as well as attend a course in person. The course is held once per year in conjunction with the OYSAN Workshop. Persons that are appointed to assignors and need to start assigning prior to the course may get a one time waiver from the State Referee Administrator. Send and e-mail to and list the league for which you will be assigning. You will then be able to take the online portion of the course but will not be renewed for the following year unless you attend the in-class session. For persons that already have an account as a referee, assessor, or instructor you should log into your account. Choose courses on the left, then assignor courses then choose the assignor novice class. You will then see a pink box that says you must be an assignor to register for this course. At the bottom of the box you will see "click here to create a new assignor account." By clicking on that you will create a new account and once that is created you may then register for this course and take the online portion.


The following registration fees are set by the United States Soccer Federation and the Ohio North State Referee Committee. Local clinic fees of up to $25.00 may be added for new referee clinics. These fees usually cover instructor fees, rental fees, etc and are not paid to the State Referee Committww

Category/Type Fee*

New Referee - Grade 8 $75

Referee - Grade 8 (Youth referee) $65

Referee - Grade 7 (Adult referee) $65

Referee - Grade 7A (Advanced Adult referee) $85

Referee - Grade 6 (State referee) $210

Referee - Grade 15/16 State Emeritus referee) $90

Referee - Indoor/Futsal - Grade 8 $65

Instructor - Grade 5/6 $75

Instructor - Grade 7 $45

Assessor - Grade 5 $75

Assessor - Grade 7 $45

Assignor - Grade 8 $30

*Please note registration fees paid cannot be refunded