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Officiating outside Ohio North

Many officials like to travel to tournaments out of Ohio North. The USSoccer Administrative guide requires that you notify the SRA whenever you are going to travel outside our "State." (Remember that Ohio South includes Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnatti are considered out of State.) Whenever you travel, send an e-mail to Tom Chapman at that contains your name, grade, where you will be officiating and the dates that you will be traveling. If you live near the border of an adjacent state and regularly officiate there then just send an e-mail stating the league(s) and location where you will be officiating.

Assignor Policy

Assignors are registered through Ohio North and not through any district, league or local referee association. Assignors cannot discriminate against a registered referee because of race, religion, national origin, sex or membership in a local referee association. Age should only be a factor when the league mandates a minimum age difference between players and referees. Registered assignors will be given a list of all referees registered with Ohio North.

Unauthorized disclosure of a registered referees list

State Referee Administrators may furnish lists of referees only to state associations, registered assignors, affiliated leagues or tournaments for conducting their soccer related activities. These lists may not be made available to anyone else (including soccer related businesses) for a fee or free of charge. (2010 Administrative Handbook page 34)