About Music Learning Theory

Music Learning Theory is an explanation of how we learn when we learn music. Based on an extensive body of research and practical field testing by Edwin E. Gordon and others, Music Learning Theory is a comprehensive method for teaching audiation, Gordon’s term for the ability to think music in the mind with understanding. Music Learning Theory principles guide music teachers of all stripes–early childhood, elementary general, instrumental, vocal, the private studio–in establishing sequential curricular goals in accord with their own teaching styles and beliefs. The primary objective is development of students’ tonal and rhythm audiation. Through audiation students are able to draw greater meaning from the music they listen to, perform, improvise, and compose.

“About Music Learning Theory.” GIML, 19 June 2017, giml.org/mlt/about/.

Board Members

President: Nathan Bachofsky

Vice-President: Julia Zanella

Treasurer: Mary Margaret Robinson

Secretary: Chelsea McCallum

Who Are We?

We are an organization of music teachers who use the principles of Music Learning Theory in the classroom. We are a chapter of the Gordon Institute of Music Learning located in Ohio. Check out the upcoming workshops and events tabs for more information.

How to Join

Joining is easy! You can purchase all workshops up front for $60 or pay for individual workshops.

The costs per workshop are: $30 for the Winter Workshop, $30 for the Spring Workshop and $10 for the Chapter Share.