Ohio Fair School Funding Plan will fix school funding and #BringOurTaxesHome at ZERO tax increase for Ohio residents

A comprehensive, fair school funding plan for Ohio

The Fair School Funding Plan brings tax dollars home to local communities and fixes school funding and we can do it right now with zero tax increase.

It is a constitutional solution to school funding (providing for adequacy and equity) that will fix school funding once and for all.

It benefits every school system and provides stability to school district budgets. No district loses funding.

It allows for more local control as it will bring more state dollars to local communities where they belong. And, it

reduces the overreliance on local taxes.

It can be funded with existing state dollars and at zero tax increase.

The time is now as Ohio is in excellent financial shape.

Support Your Local Schools

Reach out to your legislator today to share your support for the Fair School Funding Plan. This plan can be fully funded with Ohio’s current revenues and support local communities and #BringOurTaxesHome.

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Ohio has long needed a rational, transparent, comprehensive and – most of all – fair system for funding its schools. Unfortunately, Ohio’s current school funding formula is not working. In fact, four out of five districts (82%) are now funded off the formula with a cap limiting funding or a guarantee underpinning it. This is because our school funding formula and system is not based on the actual needs of our students, schools and communities.

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Fair School Funding Plan

A comprehensive, fair school funding plan for Ohio