State Officers

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Bobby Belair is a proud member of the Licking Heights DECA Chapter. He is also involved in 4-H, Quiz Bowl, and Teen Ambassador Board. He loves to read, spend time laughing with friends and spend time with his sisters.

Bobby chose to run for president because he has a real passion for Ohio DECA and he wants to see the organization succeed and grow. A personal quote that motivates him is "Don't beat yourself up over your mistakes, because those that matter don't care, and those that care, don't matter." -Unknown

Bobby can reach him at bobbyabelair@gmail.com

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Skyler Pachell is a member of the Penta- Perrysburg DECA. She is involved in many activities at Perrysburg High School. She serves as vice president of her chapter, captain of her cross country team, and she is a Link Leader. Since she began high school she has been in over 10 different clubs. Each of them has taught her something different. Upon graduating she plans to pursue a career in the military.

Skyler chose to run for Secretary-Treasurer because she wanted to meet other members of Ohio DECA as well as work closely with them on making improvements to the organization to make it even better.

Her personal quote, “There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting.” is by Hope Hicks

Skyler can be reached at skylerpachell@yahoo.com

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Executive Vice President Community Outreach

Quinn Gable is a senior at Lima Senior High School in Lima, Ohio. He serves as the President of the Lima Senior DECA ll Chapter. Along with being a proud DECA member, Quinn is also involved in the Youth & Government Program, his high school band and volunteers for local non-profit agencies including Big Brothers, Big Sisters and the United Way. Following graduation, Quinn hopes to study business and public relations at Capital University. He will also study law at the Capital Law School.

Quinn chose to run for Vice President of Community Outreach because he believes in the potential of all Ohio DECA members and what can be accomplished when they work together. Quinn says he wants to help every member have the chance to experience all of the incredible opportunities made possible to them through DECA. A quote that personally motivates Quinn is “Never chase what you want. Elevate your game until what you want chases you” by Tai Lopez.

Quinn can reach Quinn at quinn.gable@gmail.com

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Executive Vice President Leadership Development

Dalonte’ Manley serves as President of the Lima Senior DECA I Chapter. Dalonte’ is also a member of National Honor Society, Youth-lead Prevention Network, Youth and Government, Black Student Union, Closing the Achievement Gap (CTAG), and Big Brothers Big Sisters. He is also a prevention specialist at Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach (UMADAOP), and serves on Youth-lead Council. Manley has a very high interest in school, working, traveling and making lifelong memories.

Manley chose to run for this position because he felt like it was time to make all Ohio DECA members voices heard loud and clear. He believes by developing all members into leaders it will make a difference for Ohio DECA and for members’ personal lives. “It’s my chance to teach leaders to become even better leaders within their community, school, and in their own personal life so that we can make an even bigger impact as Ohio DECA.” Manley says.

A personal quote that Manley uses as motivation is “Work in silence, let your success be your noise.” - Frank Ocean.

You can reach Dalonte’ at manleydalonte@gmail.com for any questions, problems, or general feedback.

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Executive Vice President Marketing

Andre Farinazo Jr. is a proud member of the Olentangy Orange DECA Chapter. He is involved in cross country, and Young Life. He also volunteers at his local Hospice Center. He enjoys reading and learning about business and human psychology.

He chose to run for his state officer position so he could inspire others and gain experience with leading peers so when he has a company in the future, he will be able to lead everyone effectively. Upon graduating he plans to study business, entrepreneurship and psychology.

A personal quote that motivates Andre is, "Keep Moving Forward", by Walt Disney.

Andre can reach him at andrefarinazojr@gmail.com.

Public Relations

Cora Bicknell is very excited to be serving as Ohio DECA's new Public Relations Officer! She resides from Lima Senior DECA II. Her activities of interest involve art, including painting, drawing, and reaching out in the Lima community with aspiring art murals. She also likes to eat heart-warming meals and spend time with her family and pets.

In her junior year, Cora wanted to push herself harder and do more than just handle case studies. She wanted to become something and really give back to Ohio DECA. When she began her senior year, she decided, she studied hard the first time, so let’s try again!

A favorite quote that motivates Cora is “Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened” by Dr. Seuss.

Her professional email address is cora.bicknell@gmail.com. Feel free to contact her at any time!


Tyler is a proud member of the Carey High School DECA Chapter where he serves on his chapter’s leadership committee. He is also a member of the Parkview Church Youth Group, and works at the Carey McDonald’s.

Throughout his past two years in DECA, he has witnessed first-hand the vast amounts of opportunities to learn and succeed that DECA provides to its members. So, his decision to run for state office stemmed from his desire to help extend these educational opportunities to every member of Ohio DECA so that we are all #ReadyForIt.

A personal motto that Tyler lives by is “Keep moving forward. We will never be able to change the past, so instead of dwelling on regrets, we should always be looking to what lies ahead!”

Ohio DECA Members can reach Tyler at 21littt@careyevs.org