I would like to welcome everyone to another year of Oak Grove Baseball. We are looking forward to a great year this season on and off the field. We have some great young men in our program and we are glad to be their coaches. This site will function as an informational site for the players and the parents. We will upload all the documents that you or your child may need onto this site. That way if your son happens to lose something or forgets to tell you, you can always find it here.

Team Motto This Season - NO EXCUSES!!!!

Players Fee

All players will pay a fee of $500.00 this season. I know that seems high but we are still lower than most everyone in and around the Birmingham area. With your money, your son will receive a complete spirit pack and this will also take care of the charge for the concession stand. As you will remember each player will pay a fee for the concession stand and we will provide people to work the concession stand and no parents will be asked to work. Your money also goes toward a multitude of other things that help our baseball program run smoothly. Your fee can be paid down by selling sign sponsorship's. All information about the signs will be on the documents page of the website.

Playing Time

Playing time will be at the coaches discretion. No one is guaranteed any playing time. By paying your fee that does not mean you get to play so many games. The coaches evaluate the players at practice by their ability, effort, teamwork, and want to. In high school baseball we have to think about match-ups and who's pitching and how does that affect where everyone else is going to play. There are a lot of factors that go into making out a line-up and the bottom line is we are trying to win. Some guys in high school pitch more than they play in the field, some guys become a designated hitter, some guys become a guy who comes in the game late for defensive purposes. There are a million different scenarios that can play out during a game and during the course of the season. The main thing I want everyone to understand is we need everyone on the same page and wanting what is best for the team and not what is best for them. Now having said all that we do our best to get everyone on our team as much playing time as we possibly can.


Discipline will be handled by the coaches at their discretion. We have an Athlete Student Handbook that can be found on the documents page. It outlines everything a student athlete should be. I want everyone there everyday unless you are to sick, you have a family emergency, or a funeral. If you just have the sniffles you should still be at practice. If your arm is hurt you should still be at practice. I will hold players out of practice accordingly but you can still be there to watch and learn. If you are going to miss you must tell Coach Hammonds or Coach Smith in person or by phone. Call before you miss, not after.