Installer errors - Microsoft Support by Following the User Guide!

Today’s world is driven by technology and its components. We are actually surrounded and crowded by the technological equipment on which we are totally dependent and cannot imagine our lives without them. And of one of the robust technologies is MS-Office suite which provides us various applications which have made our daily tasks easy. It is loved by users all the overworld by both Home and Business consumers. MS-Office suite includes apps such as One Drive, MS- Word, PowerPoint, Access, Skype, Excel etc. Primarily the software runs on Windows but later the software was also released for Android, Macintosh, IOS, and Linux. The office suite provides many features to its users such as reliability and vigorous security. But there are various chances when the common users get stuck in the installation process or in the setup process and face some error messages which blocks and hampers their work. So in this article, we will discuss those common installation and setup errors which users can easily solve by following the user guide as it is really not that much difficult to do

First of all, we as consumers must know what the reason behind the error is and what root cause of the problem is. So in the first segment, we will discuss the potential root causes of some of the common errors which are globally faced by the users.

Causes of the common errors

  • Corrupt files of the Office installation.

  • There are many window registries of the previously installed program.

  • Poor internet or Wi-Fi connection.

  • There is some third-party add-on or application which is creating a hindrance in the process of installation or set up.

  • Consumers have followed incorrect steps.

  • The error can also occur if the program is preinstalled in your system.

  • The product key is incorrectly typed.

The above-mentioned things can be one of the reasons if you as a consumer are facing some issues in your software. And the first question which comes to our mind is how we can solve all these annoying error messages by ourselves. So in the second segment, we will discuss the correct steps to download, install, setup and activate the program in your system.

Steps to correctly do the

  • Consumers have to first browse through the official website of the program for com/setup and then click on sign-in.

  • With the correct credentials, sign-in to the official account.

  • Then from the Home page consumers have to select “install office” and then again click on “install”.

  • Now the downloading process will begin.

  • Now users have to double click on the downloaded file to run the setup file.

  • After this, a prompt will come asking you to give permission to allow the program to make changes in your system and you have to click on “yes”.

  • The installation process has begun and when you see a phrase “you’re all set..., the program is successfully installed in your system and when you open any of the application in the suite, it will be activated automatically.

Because of some reasons, if you are facing installation issues and errors as you have not properly followed the installation guide then don’t worry, in the final segment of our article, we will discuss the common problems which occur while installing and doing set up and their solutions as well.

Common errors and their solutions

  1. There is an error saying that the operating system is unsupported.

The computer shows “unsupported operating system” while you try to do the This can be because of three reasons, first that you are installing the Mac version on your windows; secondly, you are trying to install the windows version on Android and lastly, you’re trying to install the desktop version on Windows XP and Vista. To overcome this error, make sure you fulfill all the system requirements for the

  1. You are getting KERNEL32.Dll error

This error occurs when you try to install the program on Windows Vista or XP as newer versions of the software are no longer supported by these versions of windows. Also, check the minimum system requirements before installing the program to avoid such kind of errors.

  1. You have encountered an error during setup.

To resolve this error, firstly uninstall the current software of the office from your system and remove all the traces of the program from task scheduler. Then rename Microsoft help folder in your system and then delete all the window registries related to the software. After all this reinstall the software again the error will vanish.

  1. The installation of the software failed without displaying any specific error.

In such circumstances, users should uninstall the program with the help of Microsoft Fix it tool and then try again to install it.

These errors are indeed annoying but by following the correct steps and solutions you can always get over from any situation and can do the Office.Com/Myaccount hassle-free.