Office 365 Login - How to Create and Log in to Office 365 Account?

Technological advancements have exposed us to an end number of exciting ways to conduct and manage our work lives. These developments have primarily helped us to be more productive, even on the go. One of the major platforms that are actively dedicating themselves to provide the world with more technological innovation is Microsoft. It has completely changed the way people used to accomplish their work tasks by introducing its office 365 subscription. It is a suite of highly-useful productivity tools like Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, etc. Office 365 gives you the ability to stay connected, secures your data, improves communication, and enables you to work offline. You can access all of these benefits after logging in to your account. Therefore, we have given the complete method to accomplish Office 365 login. Besides, we have also given the instructions to create an Office account and get a subscription.

Steps to Create Office 365 Account and get a Subscription?

Here are the quick steps to help you create an Office 365 account if you don’t have it already. In addition to this, we have also given the quick steps through which you can purchase an Office 365 subscription:-

Note: the users who already have an Office account should move to the next section for Office 365 login.

  • To create an Office account, you need to open the web browser and visit “,” the official home page of Microsoft.

  • Here, go to the top-left corner of the screen and click “Get Office.”

  • The next page will open, where you need to select your required Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

  • Note: the three available options are “Microsoft 365 family,” “Microsoft 365 Personal,” “Office Home & Student 2019.”

  • After clicking on the “Buy Now” option on your preferred subscription, the Office 365 Login window will appear.

  • If you don’t have an Office account, you should tap on the “Create an Account” button.

  • In the next window, you should enter an e-mail address.

  • Note: all users must enter the email address they want to link with their Office 365 account. Alternatively, you can also create your Office 365 account using your phone number.

  • After entering your email ID or phone number, click on the “Next” button.

  • In the next window, enter a strong password that you will need every time you want to perform Office 365 Login.

  • Now, you should enter your first and last name in the next window and tap “Next.”

  • Then, you'll get a verification code or link either on your phone number or email ID.

  • You should enter this security code in the Microsoft setup screen.

  • Then, you should follow the on-screen prompts and select a way to pay.

  • After entering your information, click on the “Save” button.

  • Then, click on the “Subscribe” button.

  • Once you have made the payment, you are redirected to the Office 365 dashboard. Here, you can click on the “Install Office” and then follow the screen prompts to install it.

  • Note: the installation may take five to ten minutes, depending on your internet connection speed.

  • If you have set up your Microsoft Office 365 account on your PC, Microsoft sends you a notification asking whether you want to install free apps for your mobile as well. It will send you links to download the applications.

  • After this, click “Next.”

  • Now, you have successfully created your Microsoft Office 365 account and have access to all the programs.

Steps to Perform Office 365 Login

In this section of the blog, we have given the easiest procedure to log in to your Office account. Thus, all the users who want to perform Office 365 Login on their PC must follow these instructions:-

  • Firstly, open your preferred internet browser and go to its URL bar.

  • Here, you need to enter to access the official Office 365 login page.

  • Now, you are directed to the login page of Microsoft.

  • After this, you should navigate to the top-left corner of the screen and click on the “Sign In” button to initiate the Office 365 Login procedure.

  • Now, the Sign In window will appear on the screen.

  • Here, you should enter your “Email,” “Phone,” or “Skype” that you registered with your Office account.

  • After this, click on the “Next” button.

  • In the next window, you should enter your Office 365 Login password and hit the “Sign In” button.

  • After this, choose the “App Launcher” and select any Office application that you want to start using.

After following all the steps mentioned above, you have completed the Office 365 login procedure.


The blog introduced the most convenient and detailed method for Office 365 Login. In addition to this, here we included instructions to create the account and get an Office subscription. All the steps and guidelines given in this blog are simple and easy-to-implement for all users. Thus, everyone can follow the methods with ease regardless of their prior technical knowledge.