Office 365 Login - Sign in to your Office Account to Manage Subscriptions

Microsoft, founded in 1975, is a global leader in the development and production of software and innumerable software-related products and services. Initially, it was known for its home computers, today, it offers various operating systems and feature-loaded software for desktop computers. Since its inception, Microsoft has been an integral part of social change and world affairs. Its aim to provide the world with advanced technology at an affordable price range has helped it become one of the most reputed and valuable multinational companies in the world. It has provided the world with various exceptional products like Microsoft Office 365. It is a productivity cloud designed to help you run your business or related tasks in a hassle-free manner. It brings together the best-in-class productivity tools and applications like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and robust cloud services, device management, and many more. In this write-up, we have given the complete procedure for Office 365 login to manage your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Sign in to your Office account to manage Office Subscription

You have an associated account for most of your Office products and subscriptions. This is the account that you need to sign in to manage your subscription. Therefore, in this section, we have given the step-wise process for Office 365 login to manage your subscription:-

Note: This account can be a Microsoft account or a work or school account, depending on your subscription.

  • Firstly, open your internet browser and enter “” in the Address bar.

  • On the official Home page of Microsoft, you need to tap the “Sign In” button.

  • After this, the Office 365 Login window will display.

  • Here, you need to sign in either with your personal Microsoft account or work or school account.

  • Hence, you need to select your account name from the upper-right corner.

  • After this, you should select the “View Account” option from the list.

Note: next steps will vary based on whether you are signed in with a “Microsoft account” or with a “work or school account.”

For the users who chose Microsoft Account

  • If you have performed Office 365 login with your personal Microsoft account, you will be directed to the Microsoft account dashboard.

  • Note: on this dashboard, you can manage any Microsoft products that are associated with this account. Here you can perform the following tasks after a successful Office 365 login.

  • You can manage your Microsoft account, update its password, see additional security settings as well as update your billing information.

  • You can view all of your Microsoft products and other Office products that are associated with this account.

  • From this dashboard, you can also install or reinstall the Office on your device.

  • You can renew Microsoft 365 and manage payment options.

  • If you are using Microsoft 365 family, you can share your subscription and see who is sharing with you.

For those who chose the Work or School Account

  • You are redirected to the “My Account” page for your organization.

  • Here, you can use the left navigation to perform the following:-

  • You can view what Microsoft 365 subscription you have.

  • See what licenses your Microsoft 365 admin has assigned you.

  • You can also select “Install status” and install or reinstall the latest version of Office or any other Office product like Project or Visio for your desktop.

Hence, this is how you can manage your subscription after your Office 365 login.

How to share your Microsoft 365 family subscription

If you have purchased the Microsoft 365 Family subscription, you can share its benefits with up to five people. For this, you need to send an invitation to each person, or you can add them to your Microsoft family. Once they accept the invitation, they do Office 365 login via to install Office on their devices. Here’s how you can invite someone to share your Microsoft 365 Family subscription benefits:-

  • First, you should Sign In to your Microsoft account.

  • Note: make sure you are using the same account that you have linked to set up your Microsoft 365 Family subscription.

  • Then, select “Start Sharing.”

  • Now, you will see the “Share your subscription pop-up, where you should choose one method to invite the member.

  • Thus, you should choose between “invite via email” or “invite via link.”

  • Invite via Email:

  • Enter the email that they use with their shared Microsoft 365 subscription and select “Invite.”

  • Invite via the link:

  • Select “Copy” to send the link via email, text, or other message to the person that you want to share it with.

  • They will be added to your subscription once they click the link and sign in with their Microsoft account.

In this blog, we have provided detailed procedures to perform Office 365 login to manage Microsoft subscriptions. Along with this, we also included the step-by-step guidelines to share Office Family subscriptions with your friends via Email or link.