- Get started to install, download, Step 1. Go to - Sign in, 2nd. Enter product key, and 3rd. Get your Office setup.

Sign up for a Microsoft account

  1. Go to the Microsoft office web link that is

  2. Then, tap the section “My Accounts.”

  3. After that, press the option “Sign Up.”

  4. Now, you have to enter all the details regarding sign in to the account.

  5. Next, use the account username and account passcode to log-into the account.

  6. After that, abide by the terms and conditions of Microsoft office by hitting the Agree tab.

  7. Once the account is created, you will get a notification regarding the same.

How to Download Microsoft Office from

  1. Go to the Homepage of the office through

  2. Then, search for the My Account section. Once found, hit on it.

  3. After that, hit the Download button there.

  4. Now, choose your desired option as downloading preference:

  5. Download on this device

  6. Download on another device

  7. If you wish to download the setup on the same device, then hit the “Download on this System” from the expanded menu.

  8. After that, the downloading setup will initiate after a while.

  9. Wait for the completion of the downloaded setup.

Microsoft office setup installation

  1. Click the Window logo and R key to launch the Run dialogue box.

  2. Now, enter “office” into the search area and hit the OK button.

  3. Hit the appeared section of Downloads.

  4. Look for the ms office setup file and if found, tap on it.

  5. The installation will start after a bit just tapping on the exe file.

  6. You will get the alert message once Microsoft office is properly installed on your device.

Steps to activate office with product key

  1. Click on the taskbar located at the lowermost section of the system.

  2. Now, tap on the Start menu.

  3. Launch the search bar and then enter the office into the provided section.

  4. A listing will appear, and you have to click the office file.

  5. Run the file extension bar and move to the “My Accounts” section.

  6. Get Signed-In to your account by typing all the required credentials.

  7. Click on the tab “My Subscription” there.

  8. Choose the subscription plan that you have opted for.

  9. Enter all the digits related to the activation code very carefully.

  10. Hit the Submit button to “Accept” all the changes.

  11. The preferred subscription will be activated shortly.