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Microsoft 365 has been designed to help worldwide users become more productive without building up work pressure. It comes with innovative Office applications and intelligent services along with world-class security. Today, Office 365 has become an integral part of numerous small or big organizations. Whether you want to complete or manage some personal work-related tasks, or you want to manage an entire office! You can do that in a very organized manner with the help of the feature-loaded Office 365 suite. Thus, it serves as your productivity booster across work and life. Moreover, Microsoft provides Office applications for different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Android devices.

You can access all of its mind-blowing features after creating a Microsoft account and purchasing the subscription. In addition to this, you are also required to activate the subscription via Therefore, in this blog, we have included the step-by-step procedure to create an Office account and purchase a subscription. Along with this, we have provided the most straightforward steps to activate your Office 365 subscription via

Steps to Create an Office Account

The first thing you must do to avail all the advantages of the Microsoft Office 365 suite is to create a Microsoft account. It serves as a common ground from where you can manage your entire Microsoft subscriptions. Therefore, we have provided the easy guidelines below to help you create your Office account via Hence, ensure that you follow these steps:-

  • In order to create an Office account, you must open the latest version of any of your preferred internet browsers.

  • After this, you must enter the URL- in the address bar.

  • It will lead you to the activation page of Microsoft.

  • On this page, you must select the “Create a new account” tab.

  • Now, the next “Sign In” window will appear on the screen.

  • Here, you must select the No account? Create on! option.

  • Now, the “Create account” window will appear on the screen.

  • After this, you'll be required to enter your email address. Please provide the email address that you want to register with your Microsoft account.

  • Note: you can also use your phone number.

  • After this, click on the “Next” button.

  • In the next window, enter your password. The same login credentials will be required while performing

  • After entering the password, hit the “Next” button.

  • Now, Microsoft will send a security code to the email address you provided. You must click on the “Verify your email address” link and copy the security code which is given in the email.

  • After entering the code, hit the “Next” button.

  • Then solve the captcha, and you are done!

How to get an Office subscription

If you want to get a Microsoft subscription, you must follow the steps given below:-

  • Firstly, you must open your internet browser and visit “”

  • Here, click on the “Get Office” option located at the top-right corner of the screen.

  • Now, you will be lead to the next products page of Microsoft.

  • Here, you will see two options- For Home or For Business. You must select your required option.

  • Note: two plans are available for “For Home,” and four subscriptions are available under the “For Business” category.

  • Thus, click on the “Buy Now” option given under your preferred subscription plan.

  • Note: After purchasing the subscription, you will have to activate it via

  • After clicking on the buy now option, you will be required to “Sign in” to your Microsoft Office account.

  • Then, you must provide your login credentials, including your login ID and password. In the end, you should click on the “Subscribe” button.

  • Now, you will have to make payment. After this, you'll be redirected to the Office 365 dashboard. Here, you can click on the “Install Office” to download it.

  • Hence, you have successfully purchased your Microsoft Office subscription. Product Activation

In this section of the blog, we have provided the step-wise procedure to activate the Microsoft subscription. It is mandatory to activate your product subscription after purchasing it in order to avail its benefits. Thus, you must follow the steps given below:-

  • First of all, you must enter in the address bar of your web browser.

  • After this, press the “Enter” key.

  • Then, the official product activation page of Microsoft will open on your screen.

  • Here, you must click on the “Sign In” option.

  • After this, the “Sign In” window will open.

  • Here, you need to enter your Microsoft office email address. You can also enter your phone number or Skype ID that you linked with your Microsoft account.

  • After entering the email address, you should select “Next” to reach the next window.

  • In the next window, you will be required to enter your Microsoft login password to access the window.

  • Now, you must select the “Sign In” tab.

  • After logging in to the account, you are redirected to the product key activation window.

  • Then, you are required to enter the Office 365 product key that you got with the product.

  • After entering the key, you must follow the further instructions to complete the activation procedure via


This blog contained all the information required to set up your Office 365 subscription. Thus, with the help of the method provided here, you can activate your subscription via Along with this, we provided the complete process to create a Microsoft account and get an Office 365 subscription.