Thank you for your interest and presence on this site.

Alex Cebe here, half-time musician and full-time artist. My main income comes from Internet Services that I offer on PontoBIZ, where I can sell my knowlegde about codes, seo, smm, tlds, e-commerce, web hosting and the like.

This is a project that I started in 2016 and on March 04 2019 I came back to its activities as a sideline income from my artistic creations. I will be publishing on random dates as I complete the pieces and the news are mainly posted on Twitter. I want that you have a good experience and goods moments here. I want to put you in the mood.

OEST 65 is the way I found of working with other forms of art besides music. I also take pictures with my cell phone and create digital images (these are on the t-shirts). I hope you enjoy my content and come back more often.

OEST 65 is the name of the alien rock 470 million years old found in a limestone quarry in Swedish. These years ago are from the Ordovician period. More info on NATURE.COM and PHYS.ORG.

original photo
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Quarry in Thorsberg, Sweden, where OEST 65 was found.

For any question, please contact me via DM INSTAGRAM. Thank you again.