ODF Nepal 2019

Background: Open Defecation Free (ODF) concept initiated in Nepal after the introduction of Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach in 2003 and School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) in 2005. Then ODF declaration of school catchments, clusters were started and first VDC was declared ODF in 2005. Sanitation became a social campaign after the International Year of Sanitation-2008. Sanitation and Hygiene Master Plan (SHMP) was formulated in 2011 which provided a nationwide guideline with target to declare ODF Nepal by 2017. The Local Government (LG)-led ODF movement scaled up nation-wide then after. In the eastern Terai, movement became effective only after 2014. Earth Quake 2015 affected the movement in some of the districts, as a result target to declare ODF Nepal shifted. Government of Nepal in its annual program (FY 2019/20) has a plan to declare ODF nation and move towards Total Sanitation led by Local Government. All of the of 77 districts have been declared as ODF zone. A preparatory working group has been formed for the process of country ODF declaration. Ministry of Water Supply has decided to organize a Nepal ODF declaration ceremony on 30 September 2019.

ODF Nation: As required by SHMP 2011, sector partners including government and nongovernment organizations are involved in unified ODF campaign mainly at district level joining D-WASH-CC for supporting communities. The movement was localized up to Palika level. The campaign addressed behavioral, social, technical, environmental barriers on sanitation and hygiene. The sanitation campaign also addressed financial issues of people in difficulties for various reasons. People constructed toilets meeting minimum standard and stopped open defecation with community’s own efforts. When every household owned toilet in their homes and institutional toilet at public places, local body declare the designated area as ODF Palika based on the monitoring and recommendation of D-WASH-CC. The district could be declared as ODF area on the basis of monitoring and recommendation of R-WASH-CC (Now P-WASH-CC). After declaration of ODF nation, no one will be allowed to defecate in the open places in the future. If there will be any situation compelling people to go to open defecation,

LGs take necessary action for sustaining ODF. LGs prepare plan of action for gradual improvement of sanitation condition in their jurisdiction based on 5 +1 indicators. Of them, five indicators indicate sanitation at household level including the practice of clean hands, clean water, clean food, clean house and clean toilet and practice for the same. One more indicator indicates cleanliness at community level including management of solid waste and liquid waste, control open defecation, manage faecal sludge, and water safety plan and greenery as applicable. Declaration of nation as ODF will open up way towards clean Nepal in new dimensions.

Declaration Ceremony: 30 September 2019 (13 Asoj 2076), Rashtriya Sabha Griha, Kathmandu