Your big event just got bigger.

Odd Key Party is the perfect entertainment for your next event. We’re a full service, versatile music and entertainment experience with a customizable show built around the most versatile instrument: the piano.

What is Odd Key Party?

Have you ever been in a dueling piano bar? Odd Key Party brings that experience and more to you and your friends. The band features multi-instrumentalist and vocalists who have extensive backgrounds in entertaining people from the piano. The repertoire is virtually unlimited and the setup is modular meaning you can choose Odd Key Party for just about any occasion in any venue small or large.

What kind of music do you play?

The answer is: all of it. The core repertoire is focused on popular music from the 50’s up to today. There is no song list because it’s simply too long. The best part is, unlike other party bands, you can make your requests before your big event and customize the music to your tastes. Would you rather have country? Or just rock n’ roll? Maybe you would prefer a variety. Because everybody in the band is a singer and player, our experience and background combines to give you unlimited options for your event. You could even request a Michael Jackson or Garth Brooks tribute for the event.

Where do you play?

We are based out of Northwest Arkansas and serve the entire region. We can travel anywhere though. Maybe not Antartica.

What kind of events do you play?

Because our setup is versatile, we can play anything from a casual gathering to a large event. Weddings, fundraisers, corporate events, birthdays...any event where you want live music is cool with us.

Do you have your own sound equipment?

Yes. We will bring our own sound and lighting for most events. For larger events in large rooms...it may be necessary to hire a professional sound crew. We can guide you along the way in making those decisions.

How much does it cost?

The cost can vary depending on what you’re wanting, where you’re located, and how long you’re wanting live music. The best thing to do is contact us and share what you’re planning and what you have in mind.

Do you have any recommendations about how to plan an event?

Absolutely. Ask any question you want to and we’ll try to help out or find the best answer. We have a lot of experience playing events and we want to make your’s the best it can be.

Do you have any requirements?

Our requirement will be as minimal as possible, but will be laid out in our booking contract. One of the most often overlooked requirements is that of power supply. Most bands running sound equipment have some pretty heavy duty power needs. Most venues that host events are used to this and will usually have a plan in place to make sure there’s adequate power for the band. However, if you’re hosting an event at a place that is not typically used for music...you may want to make sure you can supply the power needed.

Do you take request during the show?

Absolutely. If appropriate, we encourage your guest to submit their requests...much like what you might see at a traditional piano bar. We also will set out gratuity jars as part of the show. Sometimes, you may not want your guest to feel obligated to provide gratuity for a show. We understand and can work with you to address that.

Is it always the same players?

We have a player roster. You are free to request certain players, but we cannot guarantee availability. Every musician on the roster is a capable and professional entertainer with years of experience. Our lineup may change based on your needs and what you want from the show.

What would be some examples of the setup?

The simplest would be what you might see in a traditional piano bar. Two pianos and two players singing and playing at the same time. A more complicated set up would involve more players and would resemble something closer to a party or cover band...but with that extensive and versatile repertoire.

Do you think my guests will sing along and participate?

It’s difficult to predict how a crowd will engage with a band for many reasons. It’s our goal as entertainers to make our show fit your needs while making it as fun for your guests as possible. Sometimes, we’re background music. Sometimes, the dance floor will be jumping. It all depends on the atmosphere of the venue and the energy in the room. We’re happy to discuss this with you.

I’ve seen raunchy stuff at piano bars...do you do that?

Well...we could. But our typical show focuses more on playing a variety of popular songs to entertain your guests and, generally, will NOT include blue material. But we can always discuss what you want from the show and what you think your guests will expect.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes. In most cases a non-refundable security deposit will be due at the time of booking. The remaining payment must be made on the day of the event. If your booking us for a corporate event...please pass this information along to your accounting department so they are able to have payment ready by the day of the event.

What if our event gets cancelled last minute?

Our contract will lay out the cancellation terms. We’re always happy to work with you.

What is an appropriate length of time for a show?

3 hours of playing time is typical...usually with several breaks. Depending on the type of show you want, this is flexible. However, going over 3 hours is, in most cases, unnecessary and hard on player’s voices. We typically would not play longer that 3 hours. In our experience, we’ve found that your money is best spent when the entertainment takes place after all other event have completed. For example...if you’re having dinner...it’s best to wait until after dinner for the show to start. On the other hand...if you’re hosting a silent or live auction...it’s not uncommon to have announcements made during the show. We can discuss what will work best for you and your guests.

Is the music loud?

Typically a live band is overwhelmingly loud and not appropriate for occasions in which guests will want to have conversations. To get nerdy...the very quietest a live band can be is the level that matches the volume of acoustic drum sets. In our case, while some of our setups will certainly involve drums, our simpler setup does not and can be, somewhat quiet. It’s important to ask yourself if hiring a live band is wise if you’re concerned about noise levels.

If you’re hosting at an event venue...especially outdoors...the venue will usually be aware of any noise ordinances and share that information with us.

Can you MC the event for us?

We are more than happy to assist you with announcements during your event. Please get with us in advance if you’re expecting this. It’s important to note...our sound system will be optimized for live music...this does not always translate well with public announcements. With enough warning...we can make adjustments to make sure your announcements are heard.

Our entertainers are used to speaking into microphones in front of large crowds...so always feel free to ask if you need some announcements made.