------ About OCW ------

OCWFED is a hybrid efed and competitive league that has been operating for 14 straight years (2004). Combining the elements of roleplay, character development and story line elements of an efed, with the competitive play and drive of a league, Online Championship Wrestling has found a nice balance that has something to offer everyone.

OCW is currently using WWE 2K19 for the Xbox One Console and Playstation 4 Console, meaning you will need the game and access to an Xbox One to play. All characters are custom and unique, this is your character, not an established name from the real world or any other established multimedia character. OCW also utilizes the FPR System, or "Fair Play Rules", which allows WWE 2K19 online game play to lead more toward a wrestling match, rather than the nonsense you are used to experiencing in the ranked games online. All players are required to read and know the FPR system, as well as the rest of the rules and guidelines here in the OCW handbook.

In this handbook, you will find the various rules and guidelines, as well as the CAW character creation limits, the Morrison Method to writing and formatting Roleplays, and other useful information.

------ Mission Statement ------

The purpose of OCWFED is two-fold. Our first goal is to provide a haven for the fans of wrestling online games a place to play against like minded individuals, in a fun yet competitive environment. While avoiding the ever increasing cesspit of 7 Foot Jeff Hardy Super Heavyweight CAWS, and overall frustrating and exploitative online scene. OCWFED is looking for Online Wrestling Nerds, you know who you are! You can type up an amazing promo, and at the same time put on a match that would make E-Shawn Michael's Weep with pride.

We have been at this since 2004 with a median age of 23. So we have to be doing something right.

-----------------STAFF LISTING-----------------




General Managers

(They put together the web shows and set deadlines for content)


Our Hero JCS aka Mr.Sensation

Discord JCS#2413

Turmoil MALU

Discord theodusthegreat#2637


Booking Team

(They primarily book the cards and help you book your fueds)


Tiberius Dupree

Discord BETTERNESS#5455

Turmoil Austin Lee

Discord Notorious#6632

Ambition (SEASONAL) Paul Pugh

Discord HeyKidEgo#8918

Pay Per View & Supplemental Our Hero JCS

Discord JCS#2413



(They Authorize, and Test CAWS per OCW Ruleset)

Xbox One Kassidy Hayes

Discord sonןןǝssʞɐssıpʎ#4976

Playstation 4 B17

Discord alhelm519/B17#9240


Fair Play Rules - F.P.R Police

(They review matches for F.P.R Violations & Player Complaints)

Head of F.P.R (Only Contact if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY) Nate Ortiz


Exhibition/Dark Match Clearance Ryu Matsumoto


General Questions Ryu Matsumoto



Production Crew

(They Produce Content for OCW on a Regular or Semi Regular Basis)

Lead Commentator - Jake The Steak

Discord Quartz/Thrillhouse#2239

Secondary Commentator Killer Kramer

Discord Jackman/Kramer#0211

Third Commentator Angus McGuillicuty

Discord Misfire#5908

Backup Commentator JCS



Non Player Characters of OCWFED

(The Various Chars in OCWFED USE at your leisure)

Announce TEAM RIOT & Pay Per Views

Charles Scaggs

Likes: Good Guys and Girls, Laughing with good guys, his nana (who he lives with), good guys winning!

Dislikes: Heels, Dirty Tactics, Cheating, Sneak Attacks, Being Mean

Big Al Poling

Likes: Women, Greasy Food, Pills, Watching Good Guys Fail, Kassidy Hayes

Dislikes: Charles, Faces, Valkyrie, RD Money, Old People, Joy (When good guys and girls are happy)

Announce Team Turmoil

Randy Rice

Likes: Food, Having Fun, Being Silly, Good Guys

Dislikes: Dummies, Bad Guys, Long Winded Promos

Tom Sanders

Likes: Fun, Chicken, Good Guys, Mat Wrestling,

Dislikes: Bad Guys, Fish, Profanity

Backstage & Host of Clark Effect

Stacy Clark

Longest tenured backstage personality, poised, vigilant, Intelligent,

Backstage Interviewer

Jim Black

Hates his life, and loathes most of the Wrestlers, because they are mean to him.

Dirt Sheets

Gabe Seltzer

Gets the dirt, the big scoop, and the good the bad and the ugly! also reviews content



Nate Ortiz Hates him


Soon to be fired due to harassment

Championship Announcer

Stacy Clarks Little Sister


Getting Started & CAW Creation

------ Getting Started ------

Getting started is simple.

  • Start by REGISTERING right here on the OCW forums. Click the JOIN button in the top right of your browser window. Please be sure to check your SPAM for your authentication email
  • (If You Cannot Log Into Your Account). NOTE OUR FORUM IS HELD TOGETHER BY DUCT TAPE AND HOPE! In the event that you have created a forum account and have logged in but the Forum tells you that you are not logged in Hit F5 on your browser or Refresh on your phone. In addition if it shows as not logged in click on a forum thread or forum button and it should fix the issue.
  • In the event your account isn't authenticated please contact an administrator asap or create another account with a different email address.
  • CLICK THIS LINK FOR THE MEMBERSHIP APP (Please be advised if you STOPPED HERE and did not bother to read the rest of the handbook your application will be rejected)
  • Introduce yourself in the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORUM and POST YOUR APP! (Don't worry if you don't see anything you will only see YOUR POST! Give us an idea about who you are as a handler, and who your character is and what you are about! also note the median age in OCW is about 22 years old, so be cool, fool!
  • Create an account on the OCW DISCORD (Be sure to identify yourself or you will be removed)
  • Staff will look over you application if it is accepted your account will be promoted to ROOKIE.
  • Once Promoted to ROOKIE and ready to rumble head to the Roll Call Thread to put in your contact info and availability.
  • Once registered in the Roll Call Thread Upload your CAW and contact KHSADA (Kassidy Hayes on Forum or Discord) and let them know that your CAW has been uploaded it will be checked for violations.
  • Note if flagged you will need to change and reupload your caw per KHSADA REQUEST.
  • Once everything is cleared head to the Signature/Finisher Thread Season 14.
  • Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Player Handbook again, DO NOT be afraid to ask questions especially the rules and other guidelines, because they now apply to you. Double check your CAW to make sure it is legal within the confines of the provided rules.
  • Any Questions you may have please contact Mr.Sensation, if needed Bloom alternatively you can also use the #school of hard knocks section on the discord channel discord channel

Now, to take part in RIOT, Turmoil or Ambition its Very Very EASY!!! just be active also! you will not be booked to COMPETE ON A SHOW if you didn't follow the above in addition to not being a lazy turd!

------ OCWFED CAW Creation Guide Season 14 ------

  • MUST BE 85 OVR
  • Absolutely NO! Attribute Above 85 (CW-LHW can have ONE 90 Attribute in certain areas See below)
  • Absolutely NO! Stat under 55
  • CW & LHW can have 90 Max Attribute for ONLY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: Aerial Off/Range/Spring Board/Movement/Agility
  • Hit Point Ratio must be left default 1000/1000/1000/1000
  • NO Super Heavyweight Allowed (Unless Allowed By Staff/Legacy Character)
  • NO FEMALE Heavyweight Allowed (Unless Allowed By Staff/Legacy Character)
  • Attributes / Abilitys must be realistic to your CAW. If you have questions contact staff.
  • Dirty Pin is Heels Only.
  • Using Move Thief is not recommended (it's frowned upon if its not part of a gimmick)
  • Spring Board Ability is for Cruiser and Light Heavyweight Only/Legacy Only)
  • All Abilities Capped at Level 3!
  • You are allowed 2 Abilities
  • Champions are allowed 4
  • COMEBACK is Champions Only!
  • Resiliency is SINGLES (not tag team) Champions and Legend ONLY!
  • Resiliency Payback can only be used ONCE per match (I don't care that it has 2 charges)
  • Rookies can only use 1 Finisher until they become a Wrestler.

Your CAW can and will be subjected to random WELLNESS VIOLATION checks KHSADA (SEE BELOW), and attempts to circumvent the stats cap will result in suspensions from Shows and Pay Per Views.

  • First Offense Warning or possible 7 day suspension. *Based on Severity*
  • Second Offense 14 day suspension.
  • Third Offense 21 day suspension.
  • Fourth Offense demotion and removal from shows.


Finishers are claimed on a first come first serve basis. To Claim or Add a finisher click the following link Signatures and Finishers 2K19 Thread (Updated Season 14) Check for the Spreadsheet at the very first post for a quick run down of who has what moves.In addition Alternate animations (ie: GTS 1, GTS 2) of a move count as the move having been claimed. Moves that have been claimed are off limits until the following OCW Season; UNLESS the wrestler releases their claim on the move.

Exceptions can be made via Staff for an additional person on said console to share a finisher. These are on a case by case basis. At the end of the day use common sense.

Legacy Moves-

These moves are iconic to Hall of Famers past and present, and while they are NOT ILLEGAL to use (Depending on Active Legend) do so at your own risk. <-I would only use these if you got the blessing from said Legend->

Nate Ortiz -The Ortiz Express - High Angle Olympic Slam

Guy Fausto - Nerd Cutter - Diamond Cutter

Versus - Dime Bag Drop - Stunner 2

Parker - Truth Siren - Stunner 1

Leonheart - RKO - LKO

Smythe - SDW - Flapjack 2

The Steve - The Steve - Twist of Fate/RKO

Nick Kage - Death Coil - Jackhammer

Aries - GTS - GTS

Majin - Insane DDT - DDT 7

Tiberius Dupree - Dragon Shout - Book End

Paul Pugh - Pughdegree - Pedigree

Jacob Trance - Fatbreaker - Codebreaker

Mugen - 1 Winged Hoot - 1 Winged Angel

------ CAW UPLOAD GUIDE ------

You must keep your CAW updated on the 2k Servers. Any changes in attire, moveset, attributes must always be logged. So to be safe you should look to upload your caw every other week. In addition you must always use the following #tags





It is imperative that if you are actively competing that you keep your CAW up to date for KHSADA testing(see Below), and production purposes. Failure to do so can result in not being booked.

If you use a caw that is drastically different then the CAW you have uploaded at the time of the match, such as having completely different stats, then the match will not be counted and you will be suspended. ALWASY KEEP THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF YOUR CAW AVAILABLE FOR STAFF. IF USING A SPECIAL ATTIRE YOU WANT TO KEEP SECRET SEND KHASADA or STAFF THE HASHTAG.

FPR (Fair Play Rules), General Etiquette

------ FPR (Fair Play Rules) ------

The FPR, or Fair Play Rules, exist to bridge the gap between the Art of Wrestling and what it is we are provided with the WWE 2K games. Match Ethics has always been a grey area as Person 1 can find an example perfectly acceptable and Person 2 can find that same example preposterous. OCW's FPR aims to colorize the grey area as best as humanly possible. Below is the condensed version of FPR for Season 14. If you would like more info check out the Legacy Section at the very end of the Handbook.

  • To end a 1 ON 1 match you need to connect with a FINISHER when your opponent, has ONE Red Body Part and 1 YELLOW Body Part.
  • If you have hit your opponent with a finisher and attempted a pin and he/she kicks out you can now end the match with a High Impact Move, Submission, Pinning/Diving Combination, OMG, Submission Finisher/Move or another Finisher attempt.
  • A Finisher not on red is an AUTOMATIC RESTART, PERIOD! (very bad do not do this)
  • Do not spam Taunts we know they give buffs and we know they effect reversals (Don't try to be slick! use in moderation)
  • When Opponent is on the ground you can EITHER use 3 Stomps/Strikes, 1 Ground Grapple, 1 Strong Strike or 1 Spring Board Attack. (KNEELING and SITTING are grounded positions).
  • Do not Spam pick up grapples (use in moderation) or watch a show!
  • Do not abuse Kneeling/Sitting and *Stun Mechanics *use in moderation or watch a show!
  • You can "False" pins (USE DPAD DOWN) throughout the match for "Flavor"
  • Use OCW Discord, Xbox Live or PS4 Network, The Forum to keep in touch with opponent.
  • Communicate with your opponent if you think a rule or issue may arise, speak to staff.
  • Do not hover, after a move give some space, to reset then re-engage.
  • Do not Crapple: The act of trying to make it so after you have been reversed that you strike, grapple or walk away from your opponent before they have had a opportunity to capitalize on their reversal.
  • Do not reverse hover, quickly grabbing your opp while you are standing up or after a bump reset.
  • Pick Up Signatures are allowed, but use caution!
  • Do not use OMG moves until opponent is ORANGE (they do bonus damage don't try to be slick) They also use a finisher so use at your own discretion.
  • You can change your finisher or signature twice a year see the locker room thread for more information. (Try not to change if you can help it, be original)
  • Catch Finishers count as a finishing move, you can only have a catch fin if your current fin has a catch ability. If not you MAY NOT USE catch finisher.
  • You may use a Submission Finisher only after hitting a regular finisher, no Pinfall needed.
  • A Submission move that is not your sig or finisher may only be used to end the match after a Regular finisher has been hit and a Pin fall Attempt has been attempted.
  • After a Submission attempt you must reset, even if the submission started as a standing move.
  • Do not use Comeback or Instant Recovery to avoid an aerial finisher.
  • Do not use Comeback or Instant Recovery to circumvent a finisher.

Tag Team & Multi-Man Matches -

  • To end a match you need to connect with a FINISHER when your opponent, has ONE Red Body Part.
  • Multi-Man matches may end with a Quick Pin, Dirty Pin, Roll-up, or Move with Pinning Combination, as long as a finisher has been successfully hit on a red opponent.
  • NO INTERFERENCE (Match ending or altering pin breaks up)in a NON TITLE TAG MATCH.
  • DURING TAG CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHES: Each team is allowed ONLY 1 Interference. After that, your partner is on their own. This gives each Tag Team one attempt to break up a Pin/Finisher/Neutral corner spot. You can enter the ring, and move toward the pin to improve the match visually, but you cannot interrupt the pin attempt if you have already done so.
  • All RED DAMAGED opponents are eligible to be pinned/eliminated once a successful impact finisher has been hit on anyone in the match. (DON'T BE THIRSTY PLEASE)

Tag Team Match Pin Break Up Attempts -

Each Team (including tag champs) in the match is allowed to break up ONE PIN. After that, your partner is on their own. This gives each Tag Team one attempt to break up a pin. You can enter the ring, and move toward the pin to improve the match visually, but you cannot interrupt the pin attempt if you have already done so.

Winning and Losing

  • If you are hit with 3 Consecutive unanswered finishers IE you didn't reverse or counter 3 finishers in a row, let it go, put the controller down, I am not gonna waste 77 minutes of my life watching you no sell finisher after finisher after finisher in a non title match on Riot, Turmoil or who gives a crap indy show. PUT THE GOD DAMN CONTROLLER DOWN YOU LOST LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER GOD DAMN DAY. SERIOUSLY IF YOU CANT REVERSE 3 FINISHERS PRACTICE GET BETTER ITS FINE ILL GET YOU A REMATCH. DO NOT TEST MY PATIENCE ,THANK YOU!

Matches are to be played competitively first and foremost you adjust your story angle / feud based on the outcome of your competitive match. From that point you are free to make adjusts and liberties as you see fit so long as you and your opponents, had a fair and competitive match.

Keep Story and Television Re-shoots to yourself unless asked by the owner.

Example: Bob and Bill have a match, Bob is awful at the game bill is really good, but they want to build bob as a credible guy. Bill wins the comp match, so during the TV taping Bill beats Bob but uses the foot on the ropes or a dirty pin or a DQ.

Example of FPR in Action and Diagram

See the below example of Fair Play Rules in action.Understanding this eb and flow is the key to understanding FPR. In addition this tried and true diagram will help you.

SKIP TO 3:00 for the action!

------ General Etiquette ------

OCWFED can be a bit overwhelming at first especially if you do not know anyone, or you don't know our expansive history. Here are some general guidelines that should help you along the way.

  • Be respectful: You are new here, be proactive, learn the lay of the land. No one cares where you came from they care about what you can do here, and what you can add to the locker room and the product.
  • Take a joke!: Chances are as a newbie someone is going to rustle your jimmy's, its a part of life. Just remember you can always kick that person in the mouth during a match or drop them on their head.
  • Respect Time: The fastest way to earn a bad reputation is to be late, with content, with matches and with other players. Don't waste our time, and we won't waste yours.
  • Communicate: You have the forum, the OCW DISCORD, the Shoutbox, Private Messages, Xbox Live, PSN There is zero excuse for not being able to communicate, so please do not use that as an excuse.
  • Accept Criticism: Nobodies perfect, most of all you!, so if someone pulls you aside or calls you out on something, if they are on the ball, you need to grin and bear it. But if they are wrong, see the above comment about kicking them in the face during a match :P
  • Have Fun: OCWFED is what you make it, if you sit on your laurels and expect to be pushed, and booked constantly you are going to have a bad time. This is a community founded 14 years ago. This is a community that has produced over 1000 (check the archives) events. We have history and we want you to be a part of it. So enjoy yourself!
  • Dual Fedding: Is frowned upon simply due to the fact the requirements of OCWFED are enough on there own. We cannot tell you what to do in this regard, however if you attempt to without contacting staff your account is liable to be deactivated. If you need to exemptions can be made contact the owner.
  • Don't be a dick: We have enough of those!

Submitting Roleplays & Matches, Player Expectations

------ The Morrison Method ------

Designed, perfected and named after OCW Legend Mad Michael Morrison, the Morrison Method is a formatting guide for Roleplays and other segments that keeps the overall style of each show consistent and easy to read. All written content needs to follow the Morrison Method.

The Morrison Method works as follows:

  • Actions, and Names are in Bold:
  • Actions Example: Mr.Sensation throws a cup against the wall.
  • Name Example: Mr.Sensation: Well well well, if it isn't Paul Pugh, and the sissy express.

Full Role Play Example:

As the last match ends, the camera pans to the back. We find the CEO of OCW Mr. Sensation at his desk yelling into a phone. Just then Bobby Minio walks in.

Bobby Minio: Bossman!!!

Mr.Sensation: Not now Bob, can't you see I'm yelling!

Bobby Minio: Well you stink!

Bobby Minio quickly exits as he slams the door, Mr.Sensation is enraged!


Mr.Sensation throws his phone at the door shattering it!

The Camera Fades to the next segment!

(If you need any help working with the Morrison please contact

Nate Ortiz, Mr.Sensation or if needed Bloom.)

------ Getting Booked In OCW ------

A common question in OCW for Rookies is "How do I get Booked?!". The process of booking is quite simple. In order to get noticed please post an introductory ROLEPLAY using THE MORRISON METHOD!!! in the PROMO ROOM SECTION.This gives us an idea of your character and what you can bring to the table, this also opens you up for critique and guidance in how to begin your journey.

Being proactive assures us you are ready to be booked IE posting content in the Promo Room, interacting in the DISCORD, (Dark Matches IE online)and overall showing us that you are active. In this way you are the master of your own destiny in OCW it is all up to you!.

If writing isn't your forte or you aren't comfortable writing, you can always submit video content IE a hype video for your impending debut. Once again taking initiative is the only way to succeed in OCW.

Lastly if you require help with character development you can ask around on the Forum, the Shoutbox, Discord or even Staff, but please not time is money friends. Be respectful however, you are more likely to get help if you are polite than if you are entitled, or a raging dickbag. You can also get quicker help by contacting Mr.Sensation, or if needed Bloom.

------ Submitting Role-Plays & Matches ------

(Late Submissions will not be used) (deadlines for shows are posted on the calendar section of the site at the bottom of the forum, on the sidebar of the forum and in the front page of the website

Event Role plays and Matches should be submitted in the Submissions section of the site using the proper subsection, Riot or PPV, in a timely fashion. That is to say before the deadline, this year we will be much stricter on enforcing deadlines. If written content is not in on time it WILL NOT be used, if a match is not in on time it WILL NOT be used, and you will receive a punishment in the form of a rank reset or, if you are a repeat offender, a suspension. When you submit a match or Role play you should use the Morrison Method(see Below) in addition the name of the thread should be as such;

[Name of Show], [Date], [What this is]

Your Submitted Thread should look like the below.

Riot 401, Week of 12/12, Mr OOC Promo <-- Typical Riot Submission

Wrestlution, Week of 02/23, Mr OOC vs Parker MATCH <---- Typical PPV Submission

For promos it would be appreciated if you posted where you would like the promo to appear on the card, REMEMBER, not everyone can open and close the show.

The Deadline for Riot and PPV's will be posted on the card each week, so make sure to check it in case it has changed for any reason!

If you need to record a match, but do not have a capture card, we have an alternative method which utilizes streaming. Click Here for the Tutorial on the stream rip method.

------ General Player Expectations ------

First and foremost, you have to understand that you HAVE TO PUT IN WHAT YOU HOPE TO GET OUT of this community. When you contribute, this community, and this hobby, really does give back. You'll make friends and gaming buddies, and you'll get to have a place to be creative, have fun, and kick asses.

Everyone has to contribute! If you're not writing, if you're not making an effort to be a part of the shows, you will not get booked on the show. Getting booked in matches is reserved for people who are making an effort to be on it.

If you are Main Eventing a Riot or a PPV, you are expected to contribute Main Event content, in effort, quality and quantity. If you are wrestling on a show, you should have segments on that show. Build up to your match, make people want to see it, and have some consequences or aftermath if you can. A match is an opportunity for a story, no matter how big or small, do not pass on that opportunity.

If you have skills that could help in other aspects of the OCW, tell somebody, offer those skills up, contribute. A lot of people do. Some people are handling the social networking fronts, others design graphics and attires, others edit videos... If you have some cool skill, chances are the fed could use it.

Make sure you are getting in touch with your opponents within a reasonable amount of time. Everyone here has jobs, lives, significant others, children etc, RESPECT EACH OTHER'S TIME. If you see you are booked against someone, reach out immediately and start scheduling a time for the match that works for both of you. We have players from a number of different countries, so time frames, especially during the week, do not always match up. Leave no room for last minute error.

If you have recorded a match, get that match edited and uploaded through something like Dropbox and submitted. Downloading and uploading a match takes the staff time. Putting a show together takes a lot of time. RESPECT THE STAFF'S TIME. Getting these things done within a reasonable time frame will allow us to correct any errors or mistakes that might come up.

Be cool. Have fun. Wrestle your asses off. Write your fingers off. Get over.