Help Our Libraries Change Lives!

Our libraries are more than just book repositories. They are active information hubs and important community centers where EVERYONE is welcome.

As technology continues to empower us, it also isolates us. Libraries are important community resources for sharing, building relationships and cultivating our sense of community.

Please Join Us in This Endeavor!

With your support, the Foundation will provide county-wide leadership and funds that will:

  • Build connections between communities and libraries

  • Enhance library and technology resources

  • Promote literacy and life long learning

  • Collaborate with organizations to help expand library programs

The Orange County Public Library Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on enhancing our Orange County Public Libraries - insuring they remain vibrant, viable and relevant community resources.

To do this, the OCPL Foundation remains focused on activities that will expand the resources of OC Public Libraries while generating support for ongoing transformation.

Funding for these activities comes from fund raising projects, donations from private individuals and businesses, and grants from public and private foundations.