OCO-2 Science Team Meeting

March 2018

Pasadena, CA


INFO (Updated 3/16/2018)

UPDATE!! for speakers - please drop talks with the google drop box link and naming convention below. Agenda and speed talk list are also updated.

Drop your talk here


As for naming the file, please help me here and use the conventions described below.

Filename for plenary talk example: WedPM_Crisp_international.ppt or TuesAM_Eldering_looking_ahead.pdf

If you are giving a few talks, use a longer title to help me sort them

Speedtalks- can you please drop these as pdf oi possible?? And please take a look at your number on the agenda page – and use this convention Speedtalk_12_MacDonald.pdf

The OCO-2 science team meeting will be held on March 20th and 21st, with a GeoCARB meeting on the 22nd. Some breakouts will be held on Monday, March 19th, 2018 in Pasadena, CA. The meeting will be held on the Caltech campus.

The meeting will include plenary, breakouts on select topics, and the popular speed talks! We were not able to secure a location for posters this year.

IMPORTANT: Tues and Wed are full days - please do not plan to leave Caltech until after 5pm on Wed!!!

An updated agenda and list of speed talks was added March 16, 2018. We also have info on the webex connection and the breakouts. A map showing parking and Ramo was added to the meeting location tab.

There is no organized social event for the meeting, but there will definitely be groups heading out for dinner and drinks on Tuesday evening.


We will have a fall meeting at the NCAR Mesa Labs. Mark your calendars for Wed/Thurs, Oct 24/25. We will have breakouts on Oct 23rd.