2018-2019 ocMaker Challenge Project

Orientation Meetings


2018-2019 ocMaker Challenge Rules and Constraints

  • Project must be delivered by teachers in the classroom and integrated in teacher’s current curriculum.
  • Product must be an original creation designed specifically for the ocMaker Challenge.
  • Participants must be teams of 2 – 5 members
  • Participants must identify STE(A)M concepts within design solution.
  • Prototype of the product must make use of 3D modeling software and 3D printed part(s)* . This rule applies to every level and app augmented.
  • 3D printer(s) must be available within in the teacher’s instructional space.
  • •Promotional/Demonstration video must be made by the team and not exceed 2 ½ minutes.

*REMEMBER only a small component of the prototype needs to be 3D printed

2018-2019 Levels of Response (Click here to download diagram of levels)

  1. Prototype is static or non-functional
  2. Prototype is dynamic and has some functionality
  3. Prototype includes intelligent technology
  4. Prototype includes intelligent technology PLUS tooling/fabrication processes
  5. App Augmented
  • For the purposes of the ocMaker Challenge, a prototype is defined as a model that is used to demonstrate the qualities of a future product. A prototype can be anything that demonstrates how your idea works and what it will look like.

Please remember that the following 4 items are required for the Exhibit:

  • Physical Prototype of Product
  • Final Project List
  • Tri-fold Presentation Board
  • Promotional/Demonstration Video (must not exceed 2 ½ minutes)

Main Competition – No Divisions - College, high school, and middle school projects compete against each other.

  • Industry judges will score and identify 3 winning projects per level. CASH Prizes sponsored by Airwolf 3D!
  • App Augmented Product - Sponsored by Anaheim Ducks!

Special Awards 2018-2019– By Division - One project from each division will be identified as a winner.

​Special Recognition - One Student will be award $100.00!