What Font Can I Use?

Many of our OCHRE projects work with Texts that need a specialized Writing System in order to represent the textual content, for example Mesopotamian Cuneiform, or require a particular character set like Hebrew or Devanagari. As a Project Preference, OCHRE projects can choose which fonts to use globally throughout the project. In addition, a Writing System can be created to implement the use of more specialized fonts.

Any font can be identified to OCHRE to be used for the display of Texts. If the font file is made available on a server then OCHRE will download and dynamically install the font as needed by users of OCHRE. It is not necessary to install the font separately on each user's local machine.

Specialized fonts

At the Oriental Institute we have adapted the Gentium font to include the wider range of special characters needed to represent the ancient languages studied by our scholars. However, should you need to use a specialized font in your project, the OCHRE Data Service can help add the font to your project.

See Configure Project Fonts

For Egyptian hieroglyphs we have created an OCHRE Writing System based on the New Gardiner font. OCHRE can create a virtual keyboard from any Writing System, allowing easy access to the characters for inserting as Text content.

One of our advanced graduate students at the Oriental Institute, Tytus Mikolajczak, has developed a high quality font that can be specified as the font of choice for displaying cuneiform texts in the Epigraphic view of an OCHRE Text.

Graphemic View using a cuneiform font

Learn more about this special font here:

Learn more about the Mikolajczak font