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Only the Best in Florida Keys Residential Property

The Florida Keys are islands, with the word key coming from the Spanish word for island: cayo. People who want only the best in Florida Keys residential property might shop for key largo real estate with a noteworthy, well-recognized name in the high-end real estate marketplace. The Ocean Reef Club and Sotheby's International Realty properties are located on waterfront or have views of water. The properties may be on the ocean or bay, or on a lake. Houses provide substantial square footage, although some of the condos are quite small.

Pricing Considerations

Shoppers must understand that it will be tough to find any property for under $1 million in this real estate community. Those in the $1 million range are condos at around 1,200 sq. ft. or less. Being able to go up to at least three times that much opens up a great deal more opportunity. Buyers won't have to skimp on size or amenities, however, which is true in some regions where $3 million really doesn't buy much. Here, they can expect at least 3,500 sq. ft. of living space and a floor plan with four or five bedrooms and a similar number of bathrooms.

Vacation Rentals

If buying the right property is too far out of reach, another possibility would be to look at ocean reef club rentals and spend time vacationing on Key Largo part of the year. Condos and vacation homes are available from club members, giving tourists the chance to try living on the key for short time frames and seeing whether this is the life for them.

Life on This Island

It helps for people to get a good sense of how well they would handle living on a narrow key like this, as it's only about 1/2 mile wide. It's about 30 miles long, though. A main advantage is being able to easily drive to mainland Florida whenever somebody wants to get off the island for a while. That's not possible in many other locales south of the state. For instance, men and women who relocate to a Caribbean island like Grand Cayman can't simply drive up to Miami whenever they feel like it.