a note from our leadership

Hello and welcome to the Harvard Alumni for Oceania Association,

In the summer of 2019, we initiated a campaign to bring together hundreds of Harvard alumni with ties or interest to Oceania. After collecting over a hundred names from around the world representing various Harvard schools, we are excited to introduce the Harvard Alumni for Oceania (HAO) under Harvard Alumni Association’s Shared Interest Group!

This group is intended to bring together our diverse alumni in order to build stronger partnerships, raise the profile of Oceania at Harvard, and foster a fun-loving community. Our interim board is diligently planning Harvard Alumni for Oceania events for 2020 and 2021 to ensure we secure a global network of Harvard Alumni who can lend support to Pacific Islander students and alumni while spreading outreach to the dynamic Pacific.

  • In the Fall of 2020, we will host a Welcome Event for new Harvard students so that they can connect with current students and alumni in the area. For those coming from the Pacific, this would be a great time to give and get advice on how to handle the cold New England winters.

  • And in the Spring of 2021, we anticipate hosting a Harvard Alumni for Oceania Symposium at Harvard to bring together current students, alumni, scholars, and community members to increase the representation of Oceania on campus.

Be on the lookout for announcements with more details and register to join now to become a member of HAO without membership dues for the first year!

If you signed up during our initial campaign, you have already been approved as a member. Please share the membership link with as many of your Harvard alumni friends and colleagues who’d be interested in joining so we can build an inclusive community. Also, consider becoming a Founding Sponsor of the Harvard Alumni for Oceania. We are looking for sponsors to make the following events as successful as possible. To contribute, please contact Interim Secretary Leilani Doktor at ldoktor@jd19.law.harvard.edu.

Finally, if you would like to have a greater role in the direction of the Harvard Alumni for Oceania, consider becoming a Director for the Programming Committee and/or the Election Committee (our first elections will be held in May 2021). Or become a city representative for HAO, so we can support your networks on the ground. Contact Interim Vice President Kristin Oberiano at oberiano@g.harvard.edu for further information.

We are so pleased to introduce this community and look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you. Please reach out if you have any inquiries, our door is always open.


Harvard Alumni for Oceania Board