Oben K. Bayrak


I use theoretical and empirical methods in particular economic experiments to understand how people make decisions such as decisions under uncertainty. Main areas of my research includes decision theory, behavioural and experimental economics. Secondary fields regarding implications of those include business administration, finance, management and environmental economics. READ MORE


I design and organize a course+workshop on Behavioural Environmental Economics (BEE). The course received the best PhD course prize in 2018. It was offered first in 2018 (Umeå) and then in 2019 (Uppsala). BEE2021 was held online between 16-24 June. READ MORE


I supervise BA and MSc student thesis in several univesities. READ MORE


Behavioural Environmental Economics Network (BEEn) was created in 2018, a platform for researchers working on environmental and resource economics related topics from a behavioural perspective. READ MORE


Paper with John Hey introducing a new decision model for decisions under risk published in the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty: Dispersion-Skewness Theory. READ MORE


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