School of Civil Engineering

Universiti Sains Malaysia

Outcome Based Education (OBE)

The School of Civil Engineering, USM has formally introduced the Outcome Based Education (OBE) in the 2006/2007 academic session to comply with the accreditation requirements of the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) requirements for all engineering programmes in Malaysia. The first accreditation exercise took place in 2008 and the programme was granted a two-year accreditation, which was for the 2009 to 2010 graduates. The second exercise was carried out in 2010 and the programme was granted a 3-year extension upon addressing the concerns satisfactorily. This 3-year accreditation period covers students graduating from year 2011 to 2013. Then, the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil Engineering) programme has been awarded 5 years full accreditation from 2014 to 2018.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The PEO’s were re-visited for improvements after the last accreditation visit in 2010, and also to harmonize those with the new EAC Manual published in 2012. The following table shows the 4 PEOs that are currently adopted in the academic session starting from cohort 2013/2014.

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