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Education Matters

Safe and Smart School Communities

For students to learn, we must have safe learning environments. The only way we can do this is by implementing programs that provide and support diverse opportunities the community (the Village) can be involved comprehensively.

Parental Engagement

Parents and guardians need to be equipped with the right tools to help their child/children succeed in the classroom and feel welcomed in the schools.

Problem Solving through Partnerships

We must partner with internal and external stakeholders to maximize effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of our student and family population. We can make our schools work best for everyone by engaging in open dialog and offering transparency.

High-End Student Achievement

We must create opportunities to meet individual student needs within their own unique futures by presenting them with a variety of options to pursue higher education and/or technical skills.

Game Changer

We must hire more social workers, behavioral interventionists and counselors in every school to assist in dealing with the issues our children face daily and must overcome to be successful.