With Climate Change showing up in different ways across the world, resulting in great ecological destruction, a big threat to human habitat and survival is looming large. While technology is making it possible to predict disasters, it is still impossible to estimate the scale of disaster. Man made ecological imbalance is acting as a catalyst for disasters. The damage done and being done, can only be stopped by political forces across the world, but new ways of handling disasters can be developed and tested in labs, before putting them to work, when disaster strikes.

While many NGOs and Volunteer groups jump into a disaster scene providing immediate relief, there are some who anticipate post disaster problems in advance. 'OASiS - A Social Innovation Lab', partners with such Citizen Groups across the country, who wish to do what others are not doing, so that it has a lasting impact.

Tamilnadu (a State of India) has been facing incessant rains lasting over 3 weeks, resulting in wide spread flooding. As citizens were caught unaware, and boats replaced vehicles, the defence forces, paramilitary, NGOs and many volunteer groups started evacuations, and supplying necessary stuff. With drains clogged and waste water flowing back to land, all sources of potable water have got contaminated, and Tamilnadu is now on the verge of a water borne disease epidemic.

OASiS in partnership with Citizen groups HORIZON and OXYGEN, have decided to pool their resources to find a solution to this, before the epidemic breaks out. We are looking at various solutions for water purification and transportation, that run without electricity, and excluding plastic bottles and pouches (as they clog drains further). The Citizen Groups have started contributing to OASiS's Bank accounts for the cause. All contributions are being strictly monitored by the Citizen group, with OASiS maintaining highest levels of transparency. The chosen solution will be purchased and donated to the Disaster Management Team in Chennai. Some members of the Citizen Groups, will install the plants at different strategic points in the affected places.

If you too want to join the cause, please visit our 'DONATE to OASiS' link (on the left), choose 'DISASTER Support' as the Project, and give your contribution details. If you can help on-site as well, or can help beyond the contribution, please email us at oasisorg.india@gmail.com.