Research areas


  • How employee origin and ties predict firm success
  • Business-owning individuals and households: what risks they face, how they adapt, and where it takes them.
      • risk-return trade-off, as measured through reported income vs. consumption
      • how business owners adapt in order to mitigate risk (including intra-household dynamics). Can all of them mitigate risk?
      • what are the immediate outcomes (income, consumption)
      • family-level long term outcomes, variation by demographic and personal characteristics
      • implied macro-level outcomes: social mobility or ossification?

International arms trade, political economy, and conflict:

  • Does individual-country spending increase supply of arms to the global market? (home market effect)
      • portability to, and implications for the effect of infrastructure spending on domestic production and the trade balance
  • Do major exporters respond differently to importer instability and conflict? Does this help explain accession to the Arms Trade Treaty?

Other interests:

  • Fertility response to macro conditions, and feedback into business cycle dynamics
  • Reallocation of household production in response to trends in female labor force participation, implications for inequality