Oana-Maria Camburu

Senior Research Fellow with a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship, University College London

I work mainly on Explainable AI, building neural networks that generate human-like explanations for their predictions. I did my Ph.D. on "Explaining Deep Neural Networks", working with Prof. Phil Blunsom and Prof. Thomas Lukasiewicz at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford.

Selected work

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Most recent

  • B. Majumder, O. Camburu, T. Lukasiewicz, J. McAuley. Knowledge-Grounded Self-Rationalization via Extractive and Natural Language Explanations. In ICML, 2022.

Other relevant work

  • O. Camburu. Explaining Deep Neural Networks. PhD Thesis, University of Oxford, 2020.

  • O. Camburu, T. Rocktaschel, T. Lukasiewicz, P. Blunsom. e-SNLI: Natural Language Inference with Natural Language Explanations. In NeurIPS, 2018.

  • O. Camburu, B. Shillingford, P. Minervini, T. Lukasiewicz, P. Blunsom. Make Up Your Mind! Adversarial Generation of Inconsistent Natural Language Explanations. In ACL, 2020.

  • M. Kayser, O. Camburu, L. Salewski, C. Emde, V. Do, Z. Akata, T. Lukasiewicz. e-ViL: A Dataset and Benchmark for Natural Language Explanations in Vision-Language Tasks. In ICCV, 2021.

  • M. Kayser, C. Emde, O. Camburu, G. Parsons, B. Papiez, T. Lukasiewicz. Explaining Chest X-ray Pathologies in Natural Language. In MICCAI, 2022.

  • L. Sha, O. Camburu, T. Lukasiewicz. Learning from the Best: Rationalising Prediction by Information Calibration. In AAAI, 2020.

  • J. Mao, J. Huang, A. Toshev, O. Camburu, A. Yuille, K. Murphy. Generation and Comprehension of Unambiguous Object Descriptions. In CVPR, 2016.

  • V. Kocijan, A. Cretu, O. Camburu, Y. Yordanov, T. Lukasiewicz. A Surprisingly Robust Trick for the Winograd Schema Challenge. In ACL, 2019.

  • V. Kocijan, O. Camburu, A. Cretu, Y. Yordanov, P. Blunsom, T. Lukasiewicz. WikiCREM: A Large Unsupervised Corpus for Coreference Resolution. In EMNLP, 2019.

  • V. Kocijan, O. Camburu, T. Lukasiewicz. The Gap on GAP. Tackling the Problem of Differing Data Distributions in Bias-Measuring Datasets. In AAAI, 2020.

Get in touch at o.camburu [at] ucl.ac.uk