Lamp posts

The lampposts along our street are owned by each homeowner. It is their responsibility to maintain it in working order. This page describes how to remove the cover and replace the bulb. Some of the lampposts are past their service life and need to be replaced entirely. These can be ordered at Pole light: Idaho Wood #279, 6’ tall. They will install a light sensor into the top of the lamppost if requested, but prefer not to. A better option might be to have and electrician install a timer switch in the basement.

Electricians: You may use any service that you want to replace the lamppost. These are just provided as examples of what the board has heard about and are not to be construed as endorsements. In the Fall of 2013 a block of four home owners were able to negotiate the following rates with Staples Electric (, 703-349-6752, These include a 10% Angie’s List discount and 3% off for cash payment.

$185 per fixture for the installation if the concrete pad could be reused

$350 per fixture installation if necessary to redo the concrete base

$60 to install a timer in the basement ceiling where the lamppost wiring enters the house

$125 to install the basement timer at typical switch height

Again, this was fora group working together, so these might be lower than normal. The board had also received a quote from Jomar Electric for a little under $1300 per lamppost replacement.

Bulbs: There is no official standard for bulbs, however a warm-color, 40W-equivalent or less bulb is recommended to maintain a consistent look and to not blind people at night.

Step 1: Remove the cover.


There are 4 bolts near the base of the cover. An 11mm socket fit the few lampposts that i tested. A 7/16″ socket would probably also work.

Alternatively, you can remove just the upper cap using a screwdriver. The newer lampposts appear to all use phillips head screws; however, at least some of the older posts use Robertson screws. Home Depot should carry this bit.


Step 2: Remove the globe

IMG_1584 IMG_1585

This glass globe should unscrew from the base. You may want to take this opportunity to clean it.

Step 3: Replace the light bulb

How many Oak Spring Way owners does it take to change a light bulb? Just one: You.

Step 4: Put it all back