Trash is picked up every Monday and Thursday by Republic Services. Trash WILL be picked up if a holiday falls on a Monday or Thursday EXCEPT Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. If you need bulk trash removal, please call Republic Services to schedule at 540-373-0033.

Recycling is picked up on Monday. Items that can be recycled include aluminum cans, metal, paper, cardboard, glass and plastic. Do not include plastic grocery store bags or anything that may have food remnants (pizza boxes, frozen food trays, yogurt cups, etc.).

Landscaping, including snow and leaf removal services in common areas are provided by Blade Runners. From May to December, they will mow and trim every 7-14 days. During snow events, they will plow once 2″ have accumulated. Residents are responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks and parking spaces in front of their unit. Blade Runners can also be contracted by residents for tree trimming and removal services beyond what is included in common areas, however you need to get permission from the Board before removing trees.

If you have any questions regarding services contracted by the Oak Spring Cluster Association, please contact one of the board members or attend a Cluster meeting.