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Use the maths & stats home page to find all latest documents

Separate fact from fiction: Bust the Myths

Internal Assessment Resources

  • A3 Standard summaries these are a 1 pager with standard, clarifications, curriculum links and conditions of assessment for internal assessemnt standards

External Assessment Resources

Specifications, exam reports, past papers and schedules are available from the lower half of the NZQA Maths & Stats Page

The senior secondary guides are where you find the curriculum and teaching & learning information for Levels 6-8

Find further clarifications from NZAMT here

  • CensusAt School NZ is the goto site for teaching all statistics standards
  • Use CODAP, NZGrapher or INZight to create statistical graphs
  • SNED maths: a teaching and learning resource for NCEA standards; Inference, Networks & L3 simultaneous equations & linear programming ..
  • STEM Online contains extensive resources for 91028 & 2 physics standards
  • Maths@Nayland: open resource school site for all levels
  • Learn Coach: exam revision resources for NCEA Maths externals & more
  • InfinityPlusOne: Subash Chandar K's Youtube Channel. Lots of videos here for Level 1 Algebra and Level 3 Calculus.

Junior Maths & Stats : Year 1-10

other NZ sites

Financial capability resources

a few Goto sites from around the world

Literacy & Language

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