For sale

420 Ziegelmayer 52712

7 June 2016

Blake and Michael’s 420 Ziegelmeyer is for sale. Our preference is to sell over charter.

If a sale doesn’t happen we’re happy to look at a 28 week charter.

We’ll meet the market in both cases.

Our current thinking is in the $6k+ range for a sale and whatever the market is for a 28 week charter.

Happy to discuss if required.

Details are:

420 Ziegelmayer 52712

Simon Cooke foils

Super Spars mast – 2 years old, excellent condition

Super Spars boom – very good condition

2x Super Spars spinnaker poles – 1 brand new

1x racing set (Olimpic main & jib, North spinnaker)

3x training sets (main & jib)

2x training spinnakers

Beach trailer

Top and bottom covers

Ready to sail.


Tony Nicholson

021 275 9400