Monthly Highlights

Climate Education on Chancellor's Day

Whether you want to go further with climate education, or are just getting started, this event is for you! 

Join the Office of Sustainability on Chancellor’s Day for climate education professional learning. This content is created and led by the DOE's Climate Education Leadership Team (CELT).

We have four workshops, facilitated by CELT Members, that can be applied in all grade levels and subjects:

Additional Details:

Earn up to 5 CTLE credits! Lunch will be provided.

Learn more and register for Climate Education on Chancellor's Day.

Two students sit and color at a table. On the table is a poster with a drawing of the Earth, along with scraps of paper and a box of markers.

We're Hiring: Solar Project Manager  

We're hiring a Solar Project Manager! Help us reach the goal of installing 100MV of solar on city-owned buildings.

The Solar Project Manager will manage a large and complex set of solar PV construction portfolios. This is a civil service position on our Clean Energy Team.

Key Job Duties:

Civil Service Title: Administrative Supervisor of Building Maintenance. 

Apply by June 2nd! Click here for details and to apply.

Three people work to install a solar PV on a rooftop.

Classroom Supply Drop and Swap

Have extra supplies to clean out? Don’t throw them out!

We’re partnering with Materials for the Arts to host borough-based classroom supply Drop and Swaps! 

Donate excess school supplies and "shop" items from other teachers! The more teachers participate, the more we reduce end-of-year waste.

We'll have at least one event in every borough.

Click here for details and to get involved in a Drop and Swap!

Youth Climate Career Expo

NYC Public High School students: Come meet students from other schools and learn about careers and industries where you can take climate action!

This expo was created by the 2022-23 Youth Leadership Council, in collaboration with Office of Sustainability

Register for Youth Climate Career Expo!

Recent News and Updates

rFUTURE 2023 Premiere - Wednesday, May 31

rFUTURE 2023 will premiere on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 on YouTube!

rFUTURE is a sustainability, leadership and empowerment program.

NYC Public High School Students are asked: What is the single, greatest challenge to creating a sustainable existence in their community?

They use music and video to share their observations and solutions:

This annual program is a collaboration with CGGM, Inc. and TAPCo.

Join us for the worldwide digital premiere of rFUTURE 2023. May 31 at 7:00pm on YouTube. Student musicians hold their instruments and smile.

Climate Education in PlaNYC

For the first time, climate education is in NYC’s strategic climate plan! 

Alongside reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our school buildings, PlaNYC: Getting Sustainability Done formalizes climate education and green workforce training goals. 

Key commitments include: 

NYC Public Schools are also expanding green workforce education, with a focus on climate sustainability, resilience, and the green economy.

We owe our Climate Education Leadership Team gratitude - this group of educators directly contributed to these goals!

We could not do it without our partner organizations, and our partnerships within DOE and other City agencies! 

Access the full PlaNYC: Getting Sustainability Done, and check PDF pages 59-60 and 64 for climate education commitments.

PlaNYC: Getting Sustainability Done cover image. Background photo of Jamaica Bay.

Congratulations, Circularity Champions! 

In partnership with Barnard College, we awarded seven school-based based Circularity Champions (students, educators, and custodial staff) who’ve epitomized circularity by reducing food waste, hosting material swaps, upcycling, and more!  

Students, faculty, and staff circularity champions smile and pose along with DOE Office of Sustainability staff.
2021-22_sustainability annual report_v4_WEB.pdf