Advanced Structural Chiropractic

ABC Chiropractic Care (Nyack, NY) is a medical facility of choice that offers advanced bio structural correction. When you visit ABC Chiropractic Care, a well-qualified Chiropractor is who you will find. They have the latest equipment and friendly staff. The simple science theory they use is that the body self-corrects itself from any structural shifts unless there is no muscle pulling in the direction needed to make the correction. It is in this idea that ABC Chiropractic Care (Nyack, NY) builds its foundation on. Where the body has failed in the correction duty, ABC Chiropractic Care (Nyack, NY) treats the cause of the problem and correction is archived again. This works like magic as the underlying secondary conditions fade away.

The major causes of misalignment are the modern lifestyle and work environments or even accidental causes. This misalignment is in most cases the root cause for pain and low output. It is import to keep your body healthy and if anything feels wrong, you have a duty to consult a doctor. Refusal to do this may lead to severe consequences. ABC Chiropractic Care (Nyack, NY) treatment is safe and painless. The pain relief is prompt and one can start to experience a normal life again.

Nyack Chiropractor

ABC Chiropractic Care (Nyack, NY) was conceived in the 1980s. The brain behind its birth is Dr. Bruce Rudermana a Nyack Chiropractor. He is the best chiropractor Nyack has. This facility serves New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and abroad. He is one of the rare doctors in the world with an achievement of level three masters certification. He utilizes the Advanced Biostructural Correction method since 2005. He is an instructor training doctors and therapist in this field of advanced Chiropractic treatment system. For this reason, your choice should be the advanced Chiropractic Nyack facility for treatment.

Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) Chiropractic is different from the traditional chiropractic in that different direction of bone tuning is used. The traditional chiropractic method may either cure a patient completely or even render the situation worse. The Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) chiropractic method, on the other hand, uses a safe protocol whereby, it enables the body to recover back to its original form without forcing it.

Posture-Related Issues: A normal human being should have an upright posture. If you experience a bending posture you need to see a doctor.

Improve Body Symmetry And Flexibility: Are you unable to bend? A healthy person should be able to flex with ease to enable movement of body parts as they should.

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Breathing Issues: If you are having issues breathing consults a doctor to correct the underlying problem.

Injury Created Issues: Accidents are uncalled for. These accidents in most cases leave us with certain related issues that if not handled, they may escalate to major problems or even cause death.

Carpal Tunnel Issues: Do you feel pain in your fingers, hand or arm? Do you feel pins and needles in your hand?

Chronic Neck, Back, And Hip Pain: Take you back and neck pain in Nyack ABC Chiropractic Care for a miracle cure. Our back chiropractic Nyack doctors have a solution for you.

Degenerative Disc And Joint Disease: Pain and extreme weakness or numbness coming from a degenerated disc in the spine will disappear once you visit us at Nyack. It will be a thing of the past.

Muscle Tension, Weakness: Muscles aid us in movement. Muscle stiffness and general weakness are not normal. A professional doctor should be contacted.

Headaches, Migraines, Sinus Conditions: If you happen to have a throbbing pain around your forehead constantly. Do not always rush to a chemist for over the counter drugs. A professional doctor should to consult. Serious injuries to the brain could occur and may result in an irreversible condition. Please visit Nyack and keep away your over the counter medications.

Back Pain Chiropractor

TMJ, Fibromyalgia: Pain characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain should not be taken for granted. Visit Nyack and be safe from disaster.

Rotator Cuff, Tendonitis: Irritation of shoulder joints symptoms is quite common with soccer players. This problem is treatable at Nyack.

Digestive Ailments: Human beings need the energy to survive. This is obtained from the food we eat. If this food is not well digested, Absorption to the blood stream will be poor leading to other complication. If you experience prick leg pains, a weak an numb that travel through your buttocks and at the back of your leg visit us for relieve.


To contact ABC Chiropractic Care (Nyack, NY), call them at 845-353-0019 and book an appointment. Their offices are strategically located at 201 Main Street (RT. 59), Nyack, New York in Rockland County. There is an ample parking space steps away from their offices.

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