"Antiunitary Equivalence," [Preprint]

"Can Quantum Thermodynamics Save Time?" Philosophy of Science (forthcoming) [Preprint/Journal]

"On the Ostrogradski Instability; or, Why Physics Really Uses Second Derivatives," The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (2019) [Preprint/Journal]

"Deciphering the Algebraic CPT Theorem," Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics (2019) [Preprint/Journal]

"How to be a Relativistic Spacetime State Realist,'' The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (2018) [Preprint/Journal]

"Review of Jonathan Bain's CPT Invariance and the Spin-Statistics Connection," Philosophy of Science (2018) [Preprint/Journal]

"A Philosopher's Guide to the Foundations of Quantum Field Theory," Philosophy Compass (2017) [Journal]

"The Conventionality of Parastatistics," with David Baker and Hans Halvorson, The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (2015) [Preprint/Journal]

"On North's `The Structure of Physics'," with Hans Halvorson, unpublished (2012) [Preprint]

Work in Progress

"String Worldsheet Relationalism," with David Baker and Jacob Barandes

"State Space Axioms for Quantum Field Theory," with Hans Halvorson

"Three Field Ontologies for QFT"

"CPT, Spin-Statistics, and State Space Geometry"

"On Theoretical Equivalence"

"Counting Quanta"

"Is Algebraic QFT Narratable?"

Recent and Upcoming Talks

"Antiunitary Equivalence," 2020 PSA, Baltimore, November 11-14, 2021

"Particles, Fields, or Both?", symposium with Mario Hubert, Dustin Lazarovichi, and Charles Sebens, 2021 EPSA, University of Turin, September 15-18, 2021 (online)

"CPT + Relativistic Spacetime State Realism," Philosophy of Physics Bootcamp, Cambridge University/London School of Economics, February 9 and April 20, 2021 (online)

"Three Field Ontologies for QFT,” Philosophy of Physics Reading Group, California Institute of Technology, January 27, 2021 (online)

"CPT, Spin-Statistics, and Non-Causal Explanation," Harvard Foundations of Physics Mini Workshop: Foundations of Quantum Field Theory, Harvard University, May 15, 2020 (online)

Talk Videos

"CPT, Spin-Statistics, and Non-Causal Explanation," Harvard, May 15, 2020 [Link]

"What are the Distinctively Relativistic Features of Quantum Field Theory?" panel discussion with Michael Miller, Wayne Myrvold, and Doreen Fraser, Western Ontario, June 13, 2019 [Link]

"CPT, Spin-Statistics, and State Space Geometry," Western Ontario, June 13, 2019 [Link]