Northwest Oklahoma Youth and Adult Triathlons

Promoting healthy lifestyles and organizing Youth and Adult Triathlons in Northwest Oklahoma

Friday, September 1st 

 - Packet pick-up will be from 9am to 5:30pm 

@ Mills Family Clinic, located at 108 W Randolph Enid, OK 73701


Saturday, September 2nd 

Transition opens at 5:30am

Transition closes at 6:45am

Early Half Iron starts at 6:45am

Half Iron starts at 7am

Olympic starts at 7:15am

Sprint starts at 7:30am

5:30 AM - Packet Pick UP at Red Bird Farm by Big Red Barn

 for athletes driving into town that morning 

 6 AM - Go to the timing tent near the Finish Line and big red barn to check in, 

 Grab your bib and ankle chip, and get your body marked.

 You can set up T2 for Run Out, which is near the finish line parking lot before crossing Highway 81 to rack your bike. 

 Next drive to Ski Lake and quickly check-in your bike to T1, then exit the Ski Lake neighborhood.  

ALL triathletes will rack your bike at T1 on Saturday morning.  

 - (No Friday night bike-racking as we had previously considered) 

 - Park on the West side of HW 81 by the big red barn & finish line.  

 - Volunteers will direct you where to park. 

 - It is up to you to make the Race Director & Timer aware that you want the early wave. 

 - We will have Port a Potties by Ski Lake Swim and by the Finish Line

 - A vehicle will transport your transition bag that we will provide you at packet pick-up from T1 to T2 after you start the bike course.  

 - We are scaling back from a huge finish line festival to a smaller plan that includes music, food trucks, barn store, petting zoo, carnival games, and face painting for the kids. 

Enid Stampede Youth and Adult Triathlon

 Saturday, June 10th, 2023

Race Schedule

7:00am   Champlin Pool, Enid, OK

TIME     AGE GROUP       SWIM           BIKE              RUN

7:00am: ADULTS: Swim:  400 meters Bike:  10 miles  Run:  2 miles

7:00am: Slower Adult Swim Wave

7:15am: Medium Adult Swim Wave

7:25am: Faster Adult Swim Wave

8:30am     Age: 15-17:    Swim: 300 m    Bike:  4 miles    Run:  2 miles

8:40am:     Age 12-14:   Swim:  200 m     Bike:  3 miles    Run:  1.5 miles

8:50am: Age 9-11:      Swim:  100 m     Bike:  2 miles    Run:  1 mile

9:00am  Age 5-8:     Swim:  50 meters    Bike:  1 mile     Run:  0.5 mile 

Fairview Youth and Adult Triathlon 

Saturday, June 17th, 2023

Race Schedule

7:00am Specht Park, Fairview, OK

TIME     AGE GROUP       SWIM            BIKE              RUN

7:00am: ADULTS: Swim:  300 yards     Bike:  9.8 miles   Run:  2 miles

7:00am: Slower Adult Swim Wave

7:15am: Medium Adult Swim Wave

7:25am: Faster Adult Swim Wave

8:30am    Age 5-8:            Swim:  50 yards         Bike:  1 mile      Run:  0.5 mile 

8:40am   Age 9-11:         Swim:  100 yards      Bike:  2 miles    Run:  1 mile 

8:50am    Age 12-14:      Swim:  200 yards     Bike:  3 miles    Run:  1 mile

9:00am    Age: 15-17:     Swim:  300 yards     Bike:  4 miles    Run:  2 miles

Trophy/ Medal Opportunities

Youth Race:       Male/ Female  6-8 y/o,  9-11 y/o,  12-14 y/o,   15-17 y/o

Adult:   Male/ Female Under-20, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+

Relay Trophies: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place - Mixed, all ages, starting at 16 y/o

Total Race Cost = 3 parts

We will be taking all necessary COVID-19 precautions per CDC guidelines and recommendations from USA Triathlon and local guidance