EXTREME RAAM training camp.

Cost: $4000

Length: 10-14 days

Group size: 1 rider at a time.

Dates: year-round

From November to March I run the camps in South Florida

From April to October I run the camps in Seattle Washington

We train as a unit throughout the camp plus run a non-stop 300 – 400 mile long 24hr RAAM simulation ride with follow vehicle and crew support.

Every rider taking part in the camp will receive:

  • Three weeks training plan prior to showing up for camp
  • A team kit of cycling bib and jersey
  • A custom bike fit
  • Full support during rides over 120 miles.
  • Mechanical support

We cover:

  • Navigation
  • Race strategy
  • Follow vehicle setup
  • Crew shifts
  • Sleep management
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Hydration
  • Saddle sores management
  • Shermer’s neck
  • Bike setup
  • Audio / Music system setup for follow vehicle

The camp is designed to teach you about ultra-cycling and make you a better overall rider, it is meant to give you an idea of what is required to train and prepare for RAAM.

There is a fine line in preparing for RAAM, many riders make the mistake of riding too many miles without structure and periodization, they neglect other important parts of their preparation such as overall body flexibility and strength, mental training and visualization, all of which are super important pieces in the longest and most physically demanding race in the world.

I always say that RAAM is not for everybody but with the right preparation and attitude you can achieve what many dream of but only a few can accomplish.

contact me at info@nwbiketours.com | 305-297-9403