I'm an independent developer. I like to invent something new.

I am engaged not only in software development, but also in the development of industrial automation.

I also deal with neural networks and machine learning.

I combine my experience in writing software and developing industrial automation.

My experience in developing various programs for more than 10 years.

At the moment, I can not constantly develop software, because this is not my main earnings.

But you have the opportunity to help me.


Rain CPU Benchmark Math

Multithreaded a mathematical benchmark for testing the performance of CPU threads (maximally runs 64 threads).

Website - Description and download

CW Frame / Chrome WEB Frame

CW Frame is a free program for quickly and easily creating desktop WEB applications based on the Chrome browser.

Web page of the program - Description and download

Aim Desktop

Work more efficiently on your projects with the help of this lightweight and utility

that displays various useful visual guides on your computer's screen.

Helps you better focus on your projects with the aid of a typical 2x2 grid and a goal-ruler.

Web page of the program - Description and download

Softpedia - Description and download

BALL 3079


This is an irresistible, endless game, with physics and unmatched retrowave music.

Web page - Description and download

Rain Widget SRM

Text-to-Speech. This widget reads any selected text by voice. Also control the volume.

Web page of the program - Description and download

Rain Voice Memo

A utility for cyclical reminder of any event. The utility displays a text message and reads it in a voice.

Web page of the program - Description and download

Rain Memo

Widget for desktop, for notes and reminders.

The recording is immediately saved and will not be lost after the widget is closed.

Web page of the program - Description and download

Easy Soundbar for Streaming

Easy Soundbar for Streaming is a small program for playing various sounds by pressing hot keys.

This program was specially developed for streamers.

Playback of audio files (mp.3), a maximum of 20 files, two playlists.

Midi piano, a simple piano for 7 notes and 2 sound signals (low and high frequency).

The program reads the prepared text, up to 10 prepared phrases, the phrases can be changed while the program is running.

Web page of the program - Description and download

Projects under development

Go to the light


Development stage: 25%

This is a procedurally generated game, with an open, endless world. Single player and multiplayer.

Web page - Description

Lost Rain 001. Fallen world

Android, Windows

Development stage: 10%

Survival actions.

There are two cybernetic races, it's Rain and Spark. Between these races there is a war.

During one of the battles, one of the ships of Spark falls onto an abandoned planet.

But, after a while, staying on the planet, android Spark version 397 understands that there is someone else on the planet.

This is Rain version 001. This version was lost a very long time, thousands of androids disappeared for an unknown reason ...

Infinity Square/Space


Development stage: 90%

The war, square against the round. Procedurally generated, infinite game. A completely destructible world.

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