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Tips for Removing Unwanted Body Hair

Undesirable body hair can sometimes be annoying. When hair removal is part of someone's regular beauty routine, this can happen in different ways. However, one method is more efficient than the other. Some methods provide a hair removal for a few days, while others ensure that you are comfortable for several weeks. best skin care routine for 30s


Removing unwanted body hair by epilation is one of the most efficient hair removal methods available. When depilating with tweezers it is the intention that one pulls the individual hairs from the hair roots. This takes a lot of time, but this way the hairs will not grow back up to 8 weeks. In this way it is also important to disinfect these well before using the tweezers with alcohol in order to reduce the chance of an infection.

A negative effect of this method may be that the hairs break down under the skin. As a result, ingrowing hairs can be obtained.

Shaving body Hair

In contrast to depilation with tweezers, shaving will take a lot less time. The use of a razor or a shaver allows you to cut the hairs close to the skin. A myth is that shaved hairs often grow coarser, but this is not the case. A hair has a soft top but always a rough start. Because you shave the tips of the hairs it seems that they come back coarser, but that is not the case.

A major disadvantage of shaving body hair is that it only has an effect up to 3 days, because the hairs are often visible again. exercises to get rid of cellulite

An important tip is the use of shaving foam. Dampen your skin and rub it with shaving foam. Always shave with the hairs and never against the growth. This reduces the risk of wounds, which reduces the risk of ulcers.

Body Hair Waxing

The hairs are pulled out during waxing. Resin is applied to the skin with a strip on it. When the resin is dry, the strip is quickly pulled off the skin so that the hairs are pulled out. However, this is a painful experience, but it is very efficient. After waxing, the hairs do not grow back up to 5 weeks.

A good tip is that the hairs should be larger than half a centimeter before they are waxed. This will allow the hairs to be pulled out more easily, making the effect better. Male Gynecomastia

You can buy the resin for waxing in the store, but you can also easily make it yourself. For this you need:

A cup of sugar

A quarter of a cup of honey

The juice of half a lemon

A tablespoon of corn starch

Some cotton strips from eg an old T-shirt

Mix the sugar, honey and lemon juice and a jar. Heat this for about two minutes in the microwave. Stir this knit and let it cool down until it is lukewarm but still running. First apply the corn starch to the body part to be depilated. Then you grease it with the resin. then quickly place a cotton strip on the skin to be depilated and rub with the hair. Pull the strip off quickly. So much faster you pull, so much less pain it does.

Depilation by laser technology

More and more people opt for long-term hair removal using laser technology. The hair roots on the body are destroyed by means of strong rays of light. This will reduce hair growth for a very long period. With this technology you can completely depilate any spot on the body. However, it has the great disadvantage that it is very expensive. You have to be treated 6 to 12 times before you see results. The result will remain until 12 months before the first hairs grow back. Chest and Back Depilation for Men

Apart from the fact that it is expensive, laser treatment has other drawbacks. So it is that the treated body part can swell and show a red color. This is because there is a chance that the skin will be burned during treatment.