The 4 Biggest Myths about Hair Loss

The internet is full of sources and information about hair loss, baldness and treatments. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of misinformation, myths and baker's talk. Before you decide what to do about hair loss, it is best to delve deeper into the subject matter and take the following 4 myths to heart. Herbals Daily Dot Com

Myth # 1: Only Men Suffer From Hair Loss

Many of us think that only men suffer from hair loss. Recent formation about hair loss, however, shows that women suffer as much from this phenomenon as men. The reason we do not hear so much about hair loss in women is that this fact is not entirely socially accepted in itself. We feel that a woman should always have a full bundle of hair.

Another reason why the phenomenon in women is overlooked is because hair loss manifests itself in women in a different way than in men. Information about hair loss and observation around us show that many men around us end up with a bald head. In women, however, the phenomenon occurs that the hair becomes thinner. They are generally not completely bald, at least not by causes that are related to genes and hormones.

Myth # 2: Hair In A Brush Is A Sign Of Hair Loss

The appearance of hair in a brush or on the pillow in the morning might give the impression that you are suffering from a serious problem. However, it is a normal phenomenon that every person loses hair every day.

It is certain that 80% -90% of a person's hair is permanently in a growth phase. The remaining percentage is in a so-called rest phase. What possibly leads to hair loss. The hairs found in the brush can be the hairs which, according to the schedule, were the turn to fall out.

Myth # 3: Her Products And Styles Can Cause The Hair To Fall Out

Using too many different products can certainly cause the hair to become damaged, dry or break, but it is not necessarily the case that this leads to an alarming hair loss resulting in baldness. Always check the product that is being used. It must be approved for normal consumer use.

Myth # 4: Nothing Can Be Done About Hair Loss

According to recent data on hair loss, it appears that there are two approved medicines on the market to combat hair loss. Only one of them can be safely used by women. Operative options can also provide an effective remedy for the problem of hair loss or baldness.

In addition to medical solutions, a lot of information is also available in relation to hair implementation. Many natural products with herb-based hormonal blockers and nutritious vitamins and minerals also contribute to solving the problem of hair loss.

What To Do Against Baldness Or Hair Loss?

Baldness or hair loss is one of the most common conditions that occurs when a person gets older. Contrary to what many people think, baldness or hair loss can occur not only in men but also in women. There are now remedies to counter the baldness and even to stimulate hair growth again. However, you should take the side effects.

What Is The Cause Of Baldness Or Hair Loss?


Hair loss due to age is the most common cause of the phenomenon. In medical terms, it is called the androgenetic alopecia, which arises under the influence of the androgens. These are chemicals that bring about the development and maintenance of male properties. Although in that case you would think that it only affects men, some women may also be subject to the phenomenon, but to a lesser extent.

Evolution of Baldness

In men, baldness usually starts by moving the hairline at the level of the temples and later also the forehead. At the same time, the crown can also become bald. Women are more fortunate, their hair loss is more discreet and will rarely result in complete baldness. How skinnier one becomes the more gray the hair becomes, but there is no connection between gray hair and baldness.

Genetically Determined

Hair loss that you get because of age is hereditary. Presumptions are that there is a genetic predisposition for it. This makes the hair root more susceptible to the male hormone in some people, causing the hairs to end their cycle faster. As a result, more hairs are lost than are formed, resulting in baldness. Although this phenomenon can not be cured, there are some methods to stop the evolution of hair loss or even to stimulate the growth of new hair. Contrary to what some people think, a healthy lifestyle is not conducive to hair loss. natural hair treatments for hair growth

What can I do Against Baldness or Hair Loss?

Hair Lotion Against Hair Loss

A hair lotion with minoxidil can make the hair grow again. This exists under the brand names Neoxidil and Regaine. Originally, the drug was used to combat high blood pressure, but now it has also been discovered that it stimulates hair growth. The product should be applied daily to the hair when the hair loss starts. If this does not happen, the hair loss will start again. The disadvantage of this product is that it works more effectively in women than in men.

Medicines Against Hair Loss

Finasteride is a medicine that not only stimulates the growth of new hair, but also slows down its loss. This happens because the product counteracts the change of testosterone in dihydrotestosterone. The pill can be obtained under the name Propecia, in order to continue to see results, it has to be taken for life and daily. Finasteride also has some drawbacks:

When the intake stops, the hair loss starts again.

The drug has less effect above the age of 60.

The drug only has an effect after half a year to a year.

Potential disorders can not be ruled out.

A lower libido can not be ruled out either.

A reduced prostate is also possible after long-term intake.

As soon as the treatment is stopped, these side effects will disappear. This product is strongly advised against women who are pregnant and women who are not yet in their menopause. It would also have a negative influence on a possible pregnancy. In contrast to hair lotion, Finasteride has more effect in men than in women.

Hair Lotion and Medicines

Studies have shown that a combination is the best solution to prevent hair loss on the one hand and to create new hair on the other. Both resources reinforce each other, making the operation optimal. Minoxidil prolongs the growth phase of the hair and finasteride will reduce the growth inhibition. Unfortunately, the additional side effects are unavoidable.

Hair Implantation

Various surgical methods can produce a very satisfactory result. The advantage of this is that there are no side effects connected, the disadvantage is that it is much more expensive in the short term. In the long term, however, it will not matter much with the medication. For more information about this, please contact a licensed surgeon.