7 Strategies to Increase your Concentration!

Increase Concentration also at Work

It has often happened that you really want to go to work at work or at home to work on something really concentrated, but that you are distracted by the smallest things for the smallest part.

You hear that a sound, check facebook quickly, you have to go to the toilet or other people come to harass you again. If we people are good at something, then it can be distracted. Sometimes it seems like we are consciously looking for things that can distract us, especially if you do not like the activity in question.

Did you know that it takes 20 minutes, from the moment you are distracted to the moment that you are completely concentrated again?

How often are you disturbed in every hour? If you are bothered more than 3 times per hour, you can NEVER go to work concentrated. bezienswaardighedenparijs dot org

And then we find it weird when we feel that we do not know what we have done exactly at the end of the day?

Below I have some clear tips, with which you can immediately increase your productivity by going to work well concentrated.

1. Eliminate Distractions!

Nowadays we have facebook, instant massenger, ping, whatsapp, twitter, email and mobile phones. All these "handy gadgets" have one thing in common anyway and that is that they are all one big gadget of distraction. If you really want to go to work properly, you will have to eliminate all distractions.

Switch off your phone, shut down Facebook and do not open your email inbox every 10 minutes to see if you miss important news!

Do not get me wrong, all the social gadgets are very clever and it certainly has something to add, but it is also not wrong to just shut everything down and concentrate on the work.

2. Think in steps

If we have a lot to do, it is easy to lose the overview. That is why it is important (also for your ability to concentrate) to always have an action plan clearly on paper of what you have to do on that day. Make a list and write point by point on what obligations you have. This keeps you overview and you can walk this step by step.

3. Tell your environment that you want peace

Tell people that you want peaceYour colleague ' s and friends mean it all right, but how often it happens that you're busy and that a "cozy" colleague carries his lunch conversation at your at your desk. Often you will feel agitated at that moment and you will not say anything about it.

If you know this in advance, make sure your friends / colleagues know that you are very busy at that moment. They will understand this and will certainly keep you working in peace . Remove Chest Fat Naturally

"Prevention is better than cure?"

4. Clean your (mental) Desk

If it is a big mess at home, you will not be able to find anything. If your desk / workplace is a big mess, it goes without saying that you are / can be less productive than usual. You are constantly distracted by the mess around you and you can also find nothing (without searching). Clean your work area and keep it clean.

Not only your desk needs to be clean and tidy. Also make sure you are comfortable with your skin. Dress neatly and care, so you will certainly get more energy .

Your brain must also be clean! By this I mean that you should not have too much on your head. If you have too much of your head, you will never have 100% focus on that one important obligation!

For tips on how to clear your head, click on the following link: Empty the head

5. Set Priorities

At tip 2 I tell you that it is important to make lists of the activities you have to do. When you have done this, it is easy to set priorities. Often it is the "little red tape" that keeps us from doing the real productive things. These less important activities "eat" energy and this does not benefit your ability to concentrate.

6. Always 1 thing at a Time

While drinking our coffee , we type an email, listen to the news on the radio and make a phone call. Say for yourself, this can never go well? Falling Motivation for the Training

This may sound like the most logical tip, but this is precisely the point where most people go wrong. We humans are not made to go "multi-tasking", our brain simply can not handle this. Computers are made to do several things at the same time, but we humans can "only" 1 thing at a time (here is certainly nothing wrong with it).

7. Start with the most Important

In the morning you are always the most sharp. You have the most "will power" in the morning and that is why it is important that you perform the most important activities at those times. If you have a lot of energy, you can also concentrate a lot easier. As the after-noon approaches, the energy soon flows away and performance becomes a lot more difficult.