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Skin Care Is Very Important!

Almost every woman or man wants to look neat and tidy. Skin care has therefore become an important part of our society. Every day we are on average half an hour before the mirror to take good care of the day, The skin plays a big role in a human life. Almost everyone wants a nice, well-groomed skin. What do you have to do for this and what do you have to do for it?

Our skin is very delicate and sensitive. During the day our skin gets a lot to endure and she picks up all sorts of bad influences from the inside as well as from the outside. Our skin reacts badly to certain external influences, including:

  • Environmental Pollution
  • Tension
  • Stress
  • Poor Condition

The skin reacts to these bad external influences with for example hypersensitivity, impurities and rash:

  • Skin Care
  • Many people use skin care products, but the right skin care starts from the inside with:
  • Avoiding Stress
  • Do Not Smoke
  • Good Nutrition
  • Sufficient Drinking (6 to 8 glasses of water per day).
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  • Little Alcohol
  • Fresh Air
  • Enough Movement
  • A Good Night's Rest

Of course, we can not do without skin care products. They support the skin from the outside to:

To Keep The Skin In Good Condition And To Keep It.

Help With Skin Problems (Rosacea, Chapped Skin, Dry Spots, Etc.).

To Have A Positive Influence On Our Appearance.

In order to keep our skin in good condition and to keep it, we have to take the following steps:

Clean skin.


To protect.

Take care of.

Clean Skin

In the morning you can wash the skin with, for example, a wash gel, (cleansing milk and toner in 1).

For the evening it is important to use a cleansing milk / cleanser with toner / tonic. These remove all bad external influences that stick to our skin after a day. All About Gynecomastia


Water does not flush the cleansing milk / cleanser. To ensure that all leftover cleaning milk / cleanser is completely removed, we use a toner / tonic. This toner / tonic ensures that all remnants of cleansing milk / cleanser are carefully and intensively dissolved. This will restore the skin and prepare it for the nourishing day or night cream.

To Protect

As mentioned, our skin has to do with bad external influences. To protect our skin against it we use a day cream. The day cream keeps the moisture inside and the dirt outside.

Take Care of

When we sleep, our skin is active in a different way than during the day. That is why it is necessary to use a night cream for the night. This ensures that our skin can recover the damage from the bad daytime influences.

Skin Care: What Difference Between Men And Women?

We pay more and more attention to the care of our skin, and this applies to both men and women. Skin care products for men were, until recently, taboo, but now go smoothly over the counter. That is obviously a good thing. What difference is there in the care of a men's and women's skin? Can we clean our skin with ordinary soap, and can we really prevent skin aging? Which tips do we take into account to effectively take care of our skin?

Skin Care Men Are Becoming Increasingly Important

Both men and women have been paying more and more attention to their skin in recent years. Men can now finally be watched without suspicion. The growing attention of the men for their skin is increasingly appreciated by women. The beauty industry obviously knows how to respond to this trend. The range of beauty products for men is becoming more and more extensive. The question here is whether male skin needs other care products than those of women. Is there a difference between men's and women's skin?

No Difference Between Men's And Women'S Skin

According to beauticians, in principle there is no difference between skincare products for men and women. Moreover, the composition of skincare products for men and women are, in the majority of cases, the same. Skin care products for men get a masculine perfume, and their packaging looks different. But in principle, men can easily use the skincare products of women.

Men Get Wrinkles Less Quickly

Bad news for women: the results of a recent study show that men get wrinkles much less quickly than women. Men generally have a fatter skin. According to the researchers, that is certainly not to say that the moisture content of the male skin is also higher. It is precisely this moisture content that is partly responsible for the development of wrinkles. Men, as well as women, have to use skin-moisturizing products. According to beauty experts, men can even better replace their mostly alcoholic aftershave after every shave with a moisturizing day cream.

Avoid Habituation

When we have found the suitable products for our skin, can we always lubricate the same creams? Beauty experts believe that some products can cause a certain amount of habituation, so that they will ultimately work less efficiently. We must certainly avoid this habituation. So it certainly does not hurt to change products from time to time. Preferably use adapted products for each seasonal change. During the winter our skin is drier than in the summer. In winter, our skincare products may therefore be greasy. What Causes Breast Formation in Males

Skin Care is Age-Related

Because the composition and quality of our skin changes with age, we must of course adjust our skin care products to our age. While children still have very fragile skin, for adolescents we speak for the first time about dry, normal or oily skin. In these three cases hydration is necessary. For young people the use of a hydro-gel is even recommended. The older we become, the drier our skin. This also means that we certainly can not use our preferred products for life.

Can We Really Prevent Skin Aging?

Will we stay forever young? The secret of eternal youth has not yet been discovered, not even in our skin. Skin aging is mainly in our genes. The only thing we can do something about, but what we usually pay too little attention to, are the harmful UV rays. Never go into the sun unprotected, and avoid the sunbed as much as possible. Male Breast Muscles

Old-Age Wrinkles

Only vitamin A acid can be used for aging wrinkles, but this can only be used in medicines. It makes our upper skin layer more compact, reducing wrinkles. Retinal is a similar product that is used in skin care creams, but less efficient than vitamin A acid. Retinal is a derivative of vitamin A acid, and also has a positive effect on our upper skin layer.