Getting older: Skin and Body Care

The skin is the largest organ in our body and it determines to a large extent what you look like. As we get older, skin care takes an increasingly important place if you want to look radiant. An aging skin loses its firmness because less collagen and elastin is produced, causing wrinkles. In order to optimally care for your skin, you must clean it properly, exfoliate it and protect it from the sun. How do you keep the skin young for as long as possible?

The mature skin

As we age, the skin changes. The first signs of skin aging usually begin to become visible around the thirtieth year of life. Less collagen and elastin are produced, which causes the skin to gradually lose its suppleness. The skin becomes thinner and wrinkles may develop. Some people also suffer from pigmentation spots or dry skin. The skin is the largest organ of your body. Take care of this and take care of the rest of the body next to your face, your hands and feet.

Why a Body Care

The skin needs good care at all ages, especially when we get older. If you do not have a routine to take care of the skin daily, make a habit of it. Usually when we get older we get a bit more free time. Use this time to pamper yourself. You do not always have to go to a beauty salon to look beautiful and radiant, you can also easily do this at home. Not only does it feel relaxed, it also lets you shine, giving you more confidence.

Clean and Scrub

As a shower gel, choose a type that contains nourishing oils, such as almond oil or avocado. If you have dry skin, choose a soap with moisturizing ingredients. A few times a week you can choose a wonderful schrub during showering or bathing. Use a special scrub brush, luffa sponge or scrub cream. This removes the dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling softer. Do not forget to scrub the skin of the heels, elbows and knees. By drying your skin with a rough towel you also remove dead skin cells from your body. After drying you can rub the skin with a body lotion or cream. Especially the knees and elbows can have dry skin, do not forget to lubricate them.

Unwanted Body Hair

Body hair is very unattractive in some places. In the summer, women with smooth legs and armpits want to come for the day. Unwanted body hair can be removed in various ways, by shaving it away, by waxing or by choosing a depilatory cream. Whichever way you choose, smear your skin with a moisturizer afterwards. The advantage is that as you get older, you get less body hair and the hair becomes softer. Gynecomastia liposction or Surgery


Be careful when exposing the skin to sunlight. The UV rays can damage the skin irreparably and cause premature skin aging. That is because the rays penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, where the collagen is affected. This reduces the elasticity of the skin causing wrinkles. In addition, over-exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer. Always try to protect yourself with a higher factor. This also applies if you are not sunbathing, but also if you walk outside, work in the garden or sit in the garden. The skin changes color as we age, but you keep the same skin type.

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Extra care in the Winter

The skin that gets older will usually become drier because there are fewer sebaceous glands to make the skin greasy. A moisturizer that suits your skin type is suitable for this. Especially in the winter, the skin can feel dry. This can be caused by the cold outside, but also by the stove inside. In winter, the skin requires extra care . Also in this season you have to protect yourself from UV rays.

Manicure and Pedicure

Just like with your face, hands and nails betray age. You can choose to make your nails beautiful, but you can also go to the manicure. Well-groomed nails give you a better appearance. As you get older, it can be more difficult to take good care of your feet. A pedicure not only gives you beautiful feet, but can also detect changes such as ingrown nails, fungus and calluses. Xoops2DotCom


By treating yourself to a body massage, the blood circulation is stimulated. A better blood circulation is good for the skin. Moreover, waste products are better disposed of and can reduce any muscle pain or other pain. It is not only healthy, but also very relaxing. Especially in a busy period or times of stress, it can be a blessing for your skin.

Protect your skin from the Winter

In the summer we protect our skin against the sun to prevent burning. But also in the winter it is important to protect your skin from the weather. Your skin has different needs in winter than in summer, therefore it is better to take care of your skin in a slightly different way.

Face Care

Your facial skin

It is wise not to use a regular cream for your face but cream that protects against the cold. This cream contains many lipids (fatty type) and also has a low moisture content. The cream can not get frozen on the skin. This cream ensures that a protective layer is created on your skin.

Your skin around the eyes

You also need to protect the skin around your eyes. Because your skin around your eyes is only half a millimeter thick, it will dry out quickly. Specially designed eye creams have been developed for this purpose. These eye creams attract quickly and prevent the cream from fading through tears. Testosterone Body Fitness

Your complexion

Some people sometimes suffer from paleness in the winter. Due to the cold the complexion looks grayer. Do you suffer from this ailment? With the help of masks that provide an invigorating energy boost, you will again be radiant and fresh in no time. For an extra effect, you can massage the mask (or have it soaked) so that the circulation is stimulated.