Nuva's music is a unique mix of retro pop, jazz and grooves from around the world. 

Intimate songs with filigree solo sequences and melodies, carried by Portuguese singing.




In summer 2023 we played our debut concert at Peppi Guggenheim, Berlin. At that time the band was called "Cosmic Cactus", which was changed to "Nuva" later. 

The whole concert was recorded and live-streamed by the friendly staff of this lovely jazz bar.

Still in summer 2023, we played at the Panke Parkours - Das Musikfestival im Wedding, Berlin. With a lineup of +40 artists, the festival had 11 different stages with lots of music during its 2 days duration. 

As headliners on the Schildkröte stage, we were very excited to play our songs to the big crowd, bringing lots of energy to the festival. 

Live demo version of "Meu bem olhe lá", recorded in summer 2023.

Live demo version of "Enquanto durar", recorded in summer 2023.


18.04.2024 - Oblomov, Berlin

Lenaustraße 7, 12047 Berlin

18.05.2024 - Fincan, Berlin

Altenbraker Straße 26, 12051 Berlin

19.05.2024 - Karneval der Kulturen, Berlin

(Busking concert, location t.b.a.)

31.05.2024 - Kamine & Wein

Prinzenallee 58, 13359 Ber

21.06.2024 - Fête de la Musique, Berlin

Safè Espresso Bar Napoletano, Sonntagstraße 10, 10245 Berlin

09.11.2024 - Peppi Guggenheim, Berlin

Weichseltraße 7, 12043 Berlin

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