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How to Sponsor Certification Workshops for the Dysphagia Disorders Survey:

Dysphagia Disorder Survey Certification workshops are presented on invitation from a workshop sponsor. Conditions for sponsorship are explained here.

The Dysphagia Disorders Survey and related quick tests and risk assessments are screening and clinical assessment tools for managing swallowing and feeding issues in children and adults with intellectual and developmental disability. They have been standardized and validated on people with I/DD. Training in the form of a 5- to 6- hour workshop is required with the purpose of maintaining test validity and the inter-rater and intra-rater reliability that was obtained in the statistical validation. The test can be used by a variety of professionals, including nurses, educators, and dietitians, OT, PT and SLPs. The qualification is that the individual is familiar with standardized testing and is trained in a certification workshop. We have had MDs participate in training workshops on occasion as well as professionals interested in using the tools for research.

Workshops are scheduled with sponsoring agencies. The sponsoring agency may be a rehabilitation organization for children and/or adults with disability, a professional association or a regional provider of services for people with developmental disability. The sponsor makes the local arrangements, provides the venue and manages the publicity, AV refreshments and registration. We will help with these activities as mutually agreed. The agency is reimbursed from workshop proceeds for all costs up to a maximum of 30% of the proceeds. NMA covers speaker expenses, traveling and lodging, and handouts and receives the remainder of the proceeds. The host agency gets a 15% discount on registration for their personnel. In general, the minimum enrollment is 20 participants. The maximum is 40. We have found that these numbers provide adequate income to cover both agency and NMA costs.

The registration is $300 USD. That includes the training workshop, the DDS/DMSS manual, which contains, in addition to detailed instructions for administering the DDS and DMSS, a manual for use of the Choking Risk and Pneumonia Risk Assessments, report templates, and tools for involving parents and care givers in the evaluation process. In addition the packet includes one set of master forms for duplicating. Upon completion of the workshop each participant receives a certificate suitable for framing.

Under certain circumstances a workshop may be provided to train the staff at an individual center or for a research team. Please contact us for details regarding this arrangement.

Since 2001 these workshops have been provided in the USA, Netherlands, Slovenia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Please contact J. Joan Sheppard at jjsheppard@nutritionalmanagement.org for additional information.

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